Difficulty with .csv import

Hi, I don’t realy understand why I cannot import my csv bank statement. Here are the first few lines:

> Date,Payee,Reference,Description,Amount
> 04/05/2017,,,GBD04057H9BDA740 001000 53824WA00IA6 8727576 XXXX 000000 S103,-650.00 
> 10/05/2017,,,GBD100578WBX3RLS 001000 70414WG01BPW 9053160 XXXX 000000 O TEST S103,-1200.00

I always get: “Date in CSV file must be in format dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy”

You can send me the whole file to lubos@manager.io and I can have a look.

My guess would be that one row doesn’t have a date in correct format.

just sent. thanks a lot

Your CSV file is not valid because your descriptions contain LF (line feed) character without being properly escaped.

It’s actually quite common issue but it is not Manager fault. For this reason, in near future it will not be possible to import CSV files at all. Instead you will need to copy & paste your transactions from some spreadsheet program which will make this issue go away. Spreadsheet programs will correctly escape new line characters during copy/paste operation so Manager receives valid data.

For the time being, when you export your spreadsheet into CSV format, spreadsheet program should do the right thing and properly escape new line characters within cells.

How can I remove them from the file? I need to find a quick solution and to import it right now…

Thanks a lot

Open your bank statement in spreadsheet program (e.g. Excel), then Save as CSV file. Try to import that CSV file.