Difficulty with users accessing and logging on to server edition

Our newly acquired server edition is working fine for me as the administrator, but we can’t work out how to log users on. Whenever one of my users tries to access the system, they get the following message: “Reminder —This is an evaluation version only. Please buy server edition to continue using the software without this notice.” They seem to be logged on as the administrator and the system does not allow them to change the user name.

The procedure we are following is to open and run the ManagerServer file, which opens the black box/screen that displays the message “HTTP server listening on port 8080”. Then my user tries to access Manager using the address Is there something we are missing, or doing wrong?

The user has been given the necessary access and permissions by me, so do not understand why it is not working. Are we using the correct address to access the system? It would be great if the system were to automatically (or manually) email each user with their usernames and passwords once they’d been set up with access.

Would appreciate any help.


Have you installed Manager Server Edition on more than one machine, and have used the license code on the first installation ?
If so, then it is only necessary to install it once on one host machine (ie the server machine).
It is not necessary thereafter to install Manager on any other machine (ie client machines).
All that is needed to access Manager Server Edition is a web-browser.
In order to access Server Edition from client machines, you need to know the IP address of the server machine.
On the client machine, open a web-browser and navigate to:-
Typically, in real life, this might look something like this for example

When you use the address or http://localhost on any given machine, you are simply looking at that machine only and not at another machine across the network. Therefore, you may if you wish use that but only when using the host server machine.

It is of course entirely possible that I have misunderstood your question, in which case, please tell us what operating system/s you are using, and what procedures you went through to install Manager.

You have understood the question, thanks. We were definitely accessing this in the wrong way for the user at least. However, we just tried to access as the user using our IP address and that didn’t work either. We are now verifying that we are using the correct IP. Could the problem be that we are using a network storage system, rather than an actual server? We thought that our network storage system basically acted as a server, but perhaps we have misunderstood this and have essentially bought the wrong edition for our system?!

To clarify how we set the system up - we followed all the instructions on the “Installing server edition on Windows” page. We are using Windows 10. I’m the administrator, so we installed the server edition via my desktop, storing all the required files on our Network Storage system, which is accessible from all our desktops. All seemed to go well and I have had no trouble accessing the system, or backing it up. The only issue I’ve noticed is that when I double click on ManagerServer file it often asks me to extract all the files again, rather than just running. Each time I open Manager for the day, I first double click on the ManagerServer file and then go to the address and it seems to work fine. Did we install correctly? Am I running it correctly?


It is could be the firewall blocking it. In your windows firewall add a new inbound with port 8080

Thanks will try and do that.

OK - I think that there are a number of things possibly happening here

Firstly, as @success127 points out, your Windows firewall is probably blocking traffic, and you will need to edit your firewall rules to accommodate and allow your Server Edition to function with clients. I gather that this is quite normal behavior for a windows firewall. There are a number of posts and articles on this forum about how to deal with windows firewall, including this one:-

Secondly. I think that you have got the correct Manager Edition. That is to say, you require a number of people, using their own user credentials to have access to Manager in order to do their work, and for them to do so from their own client devices/computers, and NOT a simple single user one computer solution.

Thirdly. It is quite possible to have your Manager data files located on a remotely (ie on another computer, NAS device, cloud storage service/device etc etc). If you click on the “About Manager” the Application Data Path will be displayed. This is telling you where your files currently reside.
There are a number of articles in this forum about moving your data location, for example:-

I am not a windows person (hopefully someone here much better qualified with windows will be able to help further), but it looks to me as though when you are clicking on your link for ‘Manager Server’, it is actually a link to the .msi file (ie the installer) rather than the executable.

Thanks for your reply. We tried adding inbound and outbound rules on windows firewall, but it still doesn’t work. We used the network storage IP address to access Manager once we had created the new rules, but that didn’t work either. We’re asking our network storage provider to see if they can help work out what is blocking our access. Not sure the data location is the problem, so don’t want to try moving till we know more. Re the third issue, I’ve checked the file properties and it is definitely the .exe file I’m clicking on. Plus it doesn’t always give me the extract option, sometimes it just runs. Anyway, for now I just extract the files again if necessary and replace the ones already there with the same name and then it runs fine. Unfortunately, I have not used a PC or Windows in 12 years, so finding everything double the struggle being used to Macs. Thanks for your help.

my 2 cents.

can you please find our your windows 10 box (i.e. where server version of Manager is installed) IP address. Here is guide I was able to quickly google => How to Find the IP Address of Your Windows 10 PC

After that go to another machine, where you are trying to log in to Manager. Open browser and enter in address bar http://IP_ADRESS_YOUVE_FOUND:8080.

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Hi, we have the IP address for our network storage ie where Manager is installed and we’ve tried using that as you’ve suggested http://IP address of Network Storage:8080, but it still doesn’t work. Hopefully the people who set up the network storage for us will be able to help. If not I’ll be back for more suggestions. Thanks for your input.

Please follow @koroko 's “2 cents”, as I am sure that this is a local networking issue and not a Manager issue.

This would not work. The IP Address of the network storage is not relevant to you getting access to Manager as such. You need the IP address of the server. I think that it is possible that you are confusing the location of where the data storage is located and where the Manager Server Edition is located.
For the avoidance of doubt, you need the IP address of your server, which is the computer on which Manager Server Edition runs and not where the data resides.

You mention Manager data files being stored on a NAS (network attached storage) device. However, the Manager Service is what your clients need to connect to, so be sure you are using the IP address of the Windows server in your URL. Try using the IP in the URL in a browser on the server computer before you try it on a client. If you can tell us what the IP address of your server PC is, we can tell you what the URL should look like.

Thanks. Unfortunately we tried all that and it didn’t work. It’s actually our own internal users that we were trying to connect to Manager. We have since found out that our NAS is not compatible with Manager as they run on different operating systems, so we may have to opt for the cloud version instead. Thanks for your help.

This is not your problem. Access to the server edition of Manager can occur from any modern browser on any operating system, no matter what operating system is running the Manager application itself.

Or did I misunderstand what you were saying?

I don’t know much about these systems, but was told by Manager that they use ubuntu and apparently our NAS runs a proprietary version of Linux. Both Manager and our NAS suppliers say they are incompatible. Manager say it is possible to run it on Linux, but it’s quite a hassle and you need to know what you are doing, which unfortunately I do not. The other option I was offered was to set up my desktop to act as the server, but I’m not keen on that idea as I would need to leave it all the time for other users to be able to access the Manager data/system. Thanks.

Who/what are you referring to when you say “was told by Manager” and “Manager…say?” Are you having private communications with the developer? If so, please don’t ask questions on the forum about things you are discussing with him. You will just confuse people and probably get confused yourself because of simultaneous, unconnected conversations.

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After discussing my issue on the forum and trying all the suggestions, I was still not able to resolve my problem. Our NAS supplier suggested I ask the suppliers of Manager whether our particular brand / model of NAS was compatible with the Manager software, so I contacted the person from Manager who had sent me the invoice. I did not add any other comments to the forum following this. After this and about six days after I had initiated the discussion on the forum, I received another reply from someone on it, so I replied. Then you replied to me too, and asked me a question, so I thought it only polite to answer you and explain where I had obtained my information re the lack of compatibility. I was not aware I was doing anything wrong or breaking any forum protocols, as I have not used many of these before, so apologies if I inadvertently caused any confusion; my objective was in fact to provide some clarity. Thanks

You did nothing wrong. But your statement was very unusual, because almost all support for Manager occurs via this forum. Most of it is public, but a few things happen via the private messaging capability of the forum. Your statement about other communications with “Manager” was quite surprising.

I see. As I’m new to this, I didn’t realise there was anything unusual about it. Thanks for clarifying.