Server Evaluation Edition - Users

I understand the the server evaluation addition is limited to one user and therefor when trying to access the data form another machine/user I’m getting the message

“Manager cannot start because it is already running” ?

Server edition is not limited to single user. You are not meant to launch server on each computer. Only one computer will have server installed thus act as a server.

All other computers will be then able to access the server through any web-browser without installing on launching anything.

For example, on local-area network, if server IP address is and it runs on port 8080, then everybody on the same network can just type to their web-browser to access the server.

There is obviously more to it, it’s possible to setup server in the office so it can be accessed from the Internet by typing to web-browser but that requires some technical person to set this up.

This is why we run cloud edition. It works like server edition but we take care of SSL encryption, hosting, domain, backups so not technical person is required.

Thank you so much. Pardon, I’m not an IT/Accountant specialist.
I understand well and now I’ve managed to exercise local network server with multi users.

I’m a Civil Engineer working in Africa (Nigeria, Abuja) on a large scale infrastructure project and going to use Manager to track and manage all my project expenses - project Profit/Loss balance.

I’ve bumped into Manager while exploring other software such as GunCash, TurboCash and OpenErp/Odoo… and made my choice/decision — > to use Manager!

It’s simple, easy, straightforward and user friendly application!!

Great Job & Congratulations. Hope you’ll continue forever. I’m going to stay and support Manager by using Server Addition

Best Regards, G.R.