Access to other network computers

I tried to share the data after downloading the server edition but the link isnt working in terms of data. I need the data to be shared with other network computer, pls assist

It would help if you could tell us what operating system you are using for Manager Server, and the version number of Manager Server.
Also, if you are running Manager Server on a desktop type machine with a keyboard and monitor of it’s own, are you able to access Manager Server on http://localhost:8080 or not.

I am using OS win7pro and yep, did accessed manager server on http://localhost:8080

Not accessing the data from the other computer…

Have you checked your Firewall settings? Looks like Win7 blocking income requests.

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same problem with my desktop, while my laptop are accessible from desktop but not other away around.

Not Manager Server problem more like computer but I don’t how to fix it. all i see in windows firewall new rule called “BranchCache-…”

Just as a quick test on your Win 7 Manager server, temporary turn off your firewall… To do this, click “start / Windows button” then in the search field type “services.msc” and press enter.
From the now open “services window” scroll down to service called “Windows Firewall” and right click on it.
Click on “Stop” in the menu that popped up. OK you firewall is now off temporary.

Important: note the ip address of your Win 7 Manager server PC.

Now from your other PC ensure you can “ping” your Win 7 Manager server PC (ipaddress_of_your_Manager_PC). Hopefully you get a reply meaning that your now local PC can see you Manager Host PC. A ping reply would generally prove your network OK.

Next enter http://ipaddress_of_your_Manager_PC:8080

You should get a Manager logon screen provided there is no other network firewall filtering going on.

When you restart your Win 7 Manager PC your Windows Firewall will start as normal again.

I just solved my problem yesterday, by adding inbound and outbound rule in advance firewall setting to allow connection for port 8080 and it works… I realize it has to be specific port cannot chose “any”

can you send me the screen shot…still cannot fix this problem.

i tried to ping that but still problem. to pair the connection from other computer is working but the actual file not yet

do the same with outbound rule