Manager server edition set-up help!

Went to and followed the steps.

Up until step 4 all is good.

We are a small business, we have close to zero IT skills, we are located in a developing country where it’s not so easy to get this type of assistance.

I wish I could go for the cloud edition but due to the fact that we have a lot of internet outages it’s not an ideal choice.

If I go to on my computer (where I did the installtion) it works fine. Any other computer connected to the same wifi it doesn’t work.

I don’t know how to connect other computers in the network to the one where the server is running.

Edit: We’re all on Mac OS!
Edit2: I think I will accept the fact that the good lord above doesn’t want be to run this server edition. I can’t even get file sharing to work within our network!

Thank you in advance!

You would need the IP adres from that computer in your netwerk.
then you need the change the number to that IP.

I’m assuming you’re using windows, make sure you open the hosted computer’s port for incoming 8080 (tcp, not udp) in windows 10 advance firewall setting. Then try access again http://hosted-computer-lan-ip:8080.

Anything hosting manager server on windows 10 I’m happy to help. Pay forward!

To check what is the hosted lan ip address is… up cmd by pressing (windows + R) then type and enter ‘cmd’, you will have command prompt windows terminal,

2.type in and enter ‘ipconfig /all’ then look for ‘ipv4 address’ under ‘Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi:…’ (if you using Wifi Adapter)
under ‘Ethernet adapter Ethernet:…’ (if you using ethernet cable for networking) texts. It has the following pattern ‘192.168.x.x’ that is your hosted computer lan ip address.

Mac OS! Sorry! Should have mentioned this. Updated the post.

Thank you though so much for your effort!

@Tut, you’re up,

I recommended @WildTZ get pc with linux os for server if you have more than 5 members connect to manager server concurrently, desktop edition like windows 7 and 10 have connection limit up to 20 concurrently (actual that can be connect without interrupted maybe by 5).

I don’t have mac and I’m stingy on paying exclusive product. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, I can’t help. I know nothing about setting up servers.

This is a sure sign that the server edition is not appropriate. The server edition is specifically meant for organizations that do have the skills to set up and host themselves. If your internet is too unreliable, and you cannot find someone locally to help with your setup, you may need to figure a way to use the desktop edition.

Thank you everyone for your input.

As I mentioned I wish we could just use the cloud version but with power cuts and internet issues I’m worried that it will lead to a lot of downtime.

For now I’ve put everything on hold, we will continue production in the new year with the old system and hope there will be more infrastructure improvements in the next few years (lots of improvements in the last 10 years but still sloooow).

You should find the LAN IP of your server and make sure the port 8080 is open (by default, from what I read, it should be off.