Server Edition Installation

I am currenly running the trial version of the server edition.
I want to purchase a license but I would first want to know

  1. how I will be able to connect my two other computers to communicate with the server.
  2. Also, will I have to install Manager on each of the pc’s?
  3. What type of server I would need to use.

You have to follow the installation instruction Windows

  1. On your client computers, you use the browser and enter the host IP with port 8080. eg.

  2. No, since you are using the Manager server, you only install in the server.

  3. You don’t need a powerful server to run Manager. I have tested installing Manager Server into Windows 7 installed PC. I have no issue with it. The only thing you need to do is to setup the Firewall to have 8080 port opened. Otherwise, your clients would not able to read port 8080.

Thanks @success127. I have been able to install the trial server version on my Windows 7 PC too.

Also will I be able to run the server edition on a standalone Windows PC for a client ?
It will be used by only one person.

Yes @Seyram005, you can do that if your business is in the same network. If you encounter problems with the client, you may do a little setup with the Firewall on your server. I would suggest you to google “How to open port 8080 on Windows 7 firewall.” Usually, the Windows Firewall is the one blocking clients from connecting the server. Once you have port 8080 registered in the Server Firewall, your clients in the same network (no matter how many), they can connect the Manager from the server. Good luck.

Thanks @success127.
However, the client has no network and and has only one PC for use by the accountant. Can the same PC host and run the server edition of manager? i.e. The same machine will serve as server and client unit.

Of course you can. Your manager server edition can run as standalone.

My question will be - why would you want to install the server edition if you intend to use it as standalone?

@success127, for administrative rights. I do not want the bookkeeper to be able to delete entries. I will have an oversight responsibility over that as a consultant accountant. Also in the future we hope to add other pcs.

@success127, so will the standalone installation also go through the same process as using a server?

Yes @Seyram005. Just follow the installation instruction from the server edition page. You use the internet browser to use the Manager.

An important note, once installed you need to open the application and let it open. If you close the application, it would not open the Manager via the browser.

The pic below is what you are going to see once you open the application. Keep it open. Don’t close it.

Thanks so much @success127. Indeed, you’ve made my day. Have a great day to boss.

Hi I’m thinking of upgrading the software to either cloud edition or server edition as I’m currently using desktop edition.
I have few questions regarding server edition
1 pc is made server by installing manager server edition and rest pcs are made clients, by network (wifi router i guess) my question is it possible to access the server pc from a different network in some other vicinity. Also is the server pc to be turned on is a must? Or if the pc or application is closed will the client pc be able to access the application from other network or same network when server pc is closed


The computer on which the the server edition is running must be connected to a network if access is required from other clients. This can be by way of wires or wireless/wifi

It is possible to access the server from another network or even over the public internet, but it would be necessary to change the port forwarding settings in the router that is managing the host network that the server is connected to, and possibly other changes to the network. This will very much depend upon exactly what you have in mind.

The computer on which server edition is running must be switched-on, and the server edition software must be running if access is required from any device.

Please also note that it is not necessary (or desirable IMHO) to have the desktop edition running on either the server or client computers, as access to server edition is made through a normal web-browser - for example Firefox, Chrome, Vivaldi, Safari etc etc

Thankyou so much :slight_smile: for the detailed reply.
Since its necessary for server to be switched on. I guess i should go for cloud edition.

There is much to said for using the Cloud Edition, in that you can have access to it from almost any device at any time, from anywhere in the world. Additionally, the Cloud Edition will be fully maintained and updated for you as part of the service, so you do not have to worry about keeping up with hardware or software maintenance. From an overall total cost of ownership point of view, and a convenience point of view, it offers very good value IMHO.

Personally, speaking I prefer to have my own data on my own computer, whether that computer is a server or a client or maybe both. It is more work, and of course it is incumbent upon me to keep up to date with all the latest softwares and patches both for Manager and the operating system/s that I am using, as well as having to shoulder any costs associated with the hardware that it all runs on.

I guess that in this world, we pay our money, and we make our choice.

Good luck for the future

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Yes Indeed. Thanks again :slight_smile:

So mean that if we close this window how it going on? or whether the server have some problem like disconnect electricity so on.

My question is, we will lose all data ?

Every entry you make in Manager is immediately stored in the data file once you click Create or Update. Nothing is stored in the program file itself. But you should routinely back up your accounting data file in cash of disk crash, etc.:

How often? The saying is to only leave data you are willing to lose unbacked-up.