Problem Connecting User to Network

I have been trying for the past few hours to connect my admin assistants computer to the network to no avail. I have changed our firewall settings by adding the port “8080” and allowed the Chrome app access as well since this is my web browser of choice. I have no problems with my internet connection, but reset the modem anyway just in case. I have also checked on the proxy server and it was already deselected.

I have paid a decent amount of money for the network version of Manager and am frustrated that I cannot get access for my other employees. Has anyone else had this problem that can provide a little insight for me? Am I doing something wrong or missing a step?

Thank you to all.

Have you tried a different browser? Chrome is virtually the only browser for which users complain of problems with Manager.

I have tried Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer with the same results.

This looks to me like a windows firewall issue on the computer running the server software. You’ll need to allow port 8080 and allow manager server to accept connections.

Although if you have issues with this, you may want to use the cloud version instead.

I already allowed the port 8080, but how would I allow manager server to accept connections?

  1. I assume you are running the server version of Manager on the computer you have designated to be the Manger server
  2. That computer is visible to all computers you are trying to access manager from.
  • From each client computer check you can ping the server computer.
  • Check check other network access from client to server.
  1. Can you access the Manager server from any other computer other than the server itself.
  • If so what is different about the client computer which can’t access the sever?
  • Is it on a different subnet?
  • Is it over the internet?
  1. If you can’t access the Manager server from any other computer then:
  • What do the antivirus logs on the server computer show?
  • Have you enabled incoming traffic on port 8080?
  • Have you enable outgoing traffic on the client for port 8080?

If all of this sound cryptic and foreign then you may well get better value from the cloud product. What I have said above should be assumed knowledge as more complicated issues will arise with product maintenance, server failure, product backup and restoring.

Turn off the firewalls on client computer, router and server computer. This will determine if the issue is a firewall issue which it most likely is. Then proceed to troubleshoot the firewall issue.

See if you can access Manager server on the Server computer itself to see if the issue is whether Manager Server itself is running. The service may not have started or is not working properly.

Every single time I have had a problem with an issue like this it has always been a firewall issue or the service is not running for some reason.

I have turned off the firewalls on all that you’ve recommended and I still cannot get the client computer to access the Manager Server. I use the Manager Server on my laptop, which is the server computer, all the time with no problems.

Actually, I have done everything that everyone has suggested…thank you to everyone who has responded to my question…and I still cannot get my user computer access. I have decided to migrate to the cloud version instead and see if I have better luck with that.

Again, thank you to all!

If Manager server works on server computer and you have turned off all firewalls, then it may be a routing problem on your Internet router. Can you ping the server computer from the client computer.

If its not that, then the only other thing that it could be is your wireless access point is not allowing it. disconnect laptop from wireless and plug directly into network point.

However don’t use a laptop as a server!

Allow inbound connections in firewall settings on the server PC. That could solve your problem. You can google that up for the step by step procedure. And you also must set a static IP addressing system on Server PC else might not have connection again if the IP address on Server changes due to default Dynamic settings.