Custom report for inventory sales and purchase price

i have create custom report but i problem on sales and purchase price amount issue
check this screen shot

  1. custom report creation for issue in inventory purchase price inventory sales price

its purhcase price is 21000 and sales price is 33000
but report shown 42000 and 66000 why can display double amount
also cant show average cost filed available

another hightlite sv805 and sv 806 is showing correct amount
what is issue please fix my problem

During development show more data about each item in the general ledger (which is what custom reports show).

In particular at least show the general ledger account name. For more details see the start of this post Custom Report Not Returning Transaction Type Properly - #12 by Patch

The most likely reason to show double the expected amount is Manager is a double entry accounting system so everything is entered twice.

but its just normal inventroy item
with sales and purchase price

It is a normal double entry accounting transaction so it is entered twice in the general ledger.

Show more information on each transaction and the answers will make more sense.

ok but how can correct my report any way ?

  1. Show the details as suggested
  2. Filter the part of the general ledger you actually want in your report by adding where clauses

You have to do step 1 before you can do step 2

By the way
Programming is a bit like doing a crossword. No one just writes out the crossword answer, it is solved by doing the easy bits and seeing what that tells you.

Step 1. above is information gathering. Use Manager “Select…” section to show you what is actually happening.

The step 2. us choose what you actually want to see using Manager’ “Where …” section.

i cant understand

That is because you are asking the wrong question.

  • You are asking what is the answer.

  • You need ask your self, how could I find out what I need to know to work out the answer.

bro i display every thing on first post
its showing wrong record show…just show my mistake

Remove the Group by bit of your custom report and you will see quickly enough

You can put it back when you have corrected the select

@hussainiii, let me try to explain what @Patch is telling you a different way. You are confused by what shows in your custom report. But you have no idea where the information is coming from. @Patch is suggesting that you add the general ledger account name to your Select criteria. That will tell you what general ledger transaction you are seeing on each line. Once you know that, you can use Where filters to exclude the accounts whose transactions you do not want to see.

For example, a simple sales invoice involving an inventory item will post transactions to:

  • Inventory - sales
  • Inventory - cost
  • inventory on hand
  • Accounts receivable

A purchase invoice will post transactions to:

  • Inventory on hand
  • Accounts payable

Your current custom report design will show all of those. Depending on the purpose for your report, it is doubtful you want to see all of those postings. So you must exclude the ones you don’t want. After you have determined the necessary filters (the Where entries), you can remove the unwanted columns from the report.

Average cost is not a field in general ledger transaction records. It is something calculated and displayed in the inventory item ledgers. So you will not get it in a custom report.

Also, the sales price and purchase price fields you have selected are unrelated to any actual sales or purchases. Those are just the default values you defined for the inventory items.

@Joe91 also offers good advice. You are trying to do everything at once, before you understand what the program is returning in your custom report. Grouping is the last thing you should add.

ok will filtter description is not empty
but i how can show prurhcase price its caluted price shown

I do not understand either statement/question. (I do not know whether you are asking or telling.) And what information are you actually trying obtain?

now what can i do please suggest

if i remove transaction in select same result shown


As Tut said, it isn’t clear what exactly you are trying to get a report on.

And have you looked at the built-in reports?

not availble in buitlin report

just need

item code , item name , Purchase price , sales price and qty in hand

Just copy the information in your inventory tab to the clipboard, import it to Excel and delete the columns you don’t want

this is not a solution
i need report via custom report

The custom report can only read transactions not the master file so I do not think that you will be able to get this information from a custom report, sorry