Version 20.6.75 Custom Report Problem

I.m trying to create a custom Inventory report to include Code, Description, Purchase Price and Sales Price.
In 20.2.83 this works perfectly however in 20.6.75 on my laptop I’m unable to create it.
When I select custom reports in 20.2.83 it asks from where, select from drop down “Inventory Items”, add another line and select all the other info by line. Simple and done!
In 20.6.75 when selecting custom it defaults to “Transaction”,“General Ledger” “Debit” and “Credit” by line and no amount of selecting other items or deleting lines, gives me the report I’m trying to create.
Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.

This is because the custom report query builder was completely replaced. See Create custom reports | Manager.

Thanks for the link Tut, but unfortunately the new improved custom builder isn’t doing what I need.
All I’m after is a basic price list type report with the addition of a Purchase Price column.
What I’m getting are all transactions with a cumulative total per line item, not what the sales item’s cost is per unit.
As I mentioned, the earlier version did this with ease and date periods weren’t an issue.
It would appear that this new version is geared towards transactions during start and end dates.
My apologies if I’m being particularly thick but no matter how I play around with the filters I either get cumulative total cost and selling prices or a blank report if I select today’s date for start and end.

Why not Export the Inventory Items tab and delete the columns related to quantities?

Yes, exactly.

It is often easier to export existing lists or reports and modify in a spreadsheet than construct a custom report.

I take your point regarding exporting existing reports into a spreadsheet in the current format but believe me that version 20.2.83 achieved this with 3 mouse clicks.Nothing could be easier than that.
So a exporting we will go!
Once again thanks for your help and advice.
Stay safe

I think that this could be only a very temporary solution. All reporting should autoupdate with the change of the numbers in a software. That’s the scope of automation and business intelligence. You better spend 10 hours once to create a report that will work forever instead of spending half an hour each time with the possibility to introduce each time mistakes… and I’m not saying that all this should be done inside Manager.

In general, I agree with you, @Davide. My comments to @vince were only with respect to the specific things requested in a report. In most cases, you would turn to a custom report when more readily available information is not suitable.