Custom report for inventory sales and purchase price

ok another solution ?

I have already told you - copy to clipboard and paste into Excel

And that’s the only other option unless you want to hire a programmer and use the (poorly undocumented) API access

Why? What is special about a custom report. As you are learning, they take a lot of time to design and test. And some information is not available. @Joe91’s approach will give you what you say you want, and the average cost, in two minutes.

my store keeper did not use this feature…i will do every time , its very long process
that’s why i will create via custom report

A custom report will never tell you the quantity on hand, because that is the cumulative result of all transactions from the beginning of the business. It is not a value contained in a general ledger transaction. Your last version of this report shows you the quantities of an item entered in the transactions it includes.

You need to accept the fact that your ever-changing description of what you want is satisfied in Manager by the Inventory Items tab listing itself, not any report. A computerized accounting system is intended to be used on a computer. The tab listing is the result of a great deal of programming and calculation that produces the numbers you want. That cannot be duplicated in a report. The attempt to create such a report is not “very long.” It will be “forever.”