Report Showing Different Purchasing Value of an inventory Item

Hello There
is there a way to show Different Purchasing Values & quantities of an inventory Item in each purchase invoice in one single report ?

The easiest way to obtain that information is to drill down on the average cost column in the Inventory Items tab. Then search for transaction type, copy to clipboard, and paste into a spreadsheet. Otherwise, design a custom report.

Average cost is not clickable , also it shows me the purchase invoices where this item has been purchased not the price inside , so i have to view each invoice to check the prices

I couldnt reach a custom report to make it happen …

My mistake, @Mark_Tatossian. It is the Total cost column.

I see !

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Now , may i know why when making a custom report , why alwyas lines are doubld as credit / debit

I make a custom report for Sales invoice with total amount , and customers name , address & phone , so what i choose is customer name , credit , address & phone
It always doubles the result

Because Manager is a double entry accounting system. You need to filter for debits or credits, or for a specific account.

I already choose Credit , but still no issues
can u give me an hint how to ?

Please post an edit screen image of your custom report

You need to add a line in the Where section to only select one of two lines
For example select a particular account

Add the account to the Select section so that you can see which one to select.

You can remove it once you are happy with the final result

Its not working …

What’s not working?

I can not see your screen so I little or no idea of what you mean by “It’s not working”

The hint you told me gave me multiple not needed extra lines …

Well , I will let you know the report i need , may be its easier to let me know what to choose

I need the report to show , Customer , Adress , Phone Number , Custom Field & Sales Invoice Amount on specific date

No that is not easier

I need to see what you have put into your report edit screen and a copy of the first few lines of the report

Lines are always duplicated , one with an amount , the other without

You need to add a line into Select group with the Account

You need to unlock the Group by and show me the result

As accounting is a double entry process it is normal to have two entries

I Check the Group by to group customers by AREA , but for now i uncheck it for you

All i want now is to hide Account Receivable line

Thank you

Now add a line into the Where section with the Account and select the option “contains” Online Boutique

This will select only lines with Online Boutique

Post the result again

If that is good, you can remove the line Account from the Select section and reselect the Group By

It is always easier to add many columns in the Select section to start with a d which ones you need to use in the Where section

You can always remove them from the Select section once you have got what you want

Thanks a million !!!
It worked great :slight_smile: