Bug in Qty Total (custom reports experimental)

Hello Managers

i am trying to generate a report by custom field in this report everything is ok but qty is show double in report
i make 2 invoices see image below

item qty is in 2 invoices are 18,18 and 12 but report shows qty is 36,36 and 24 see the image
Screenshot_2020-06-17 RANA WAZIR NASEER TRADERS — Custom Report

@lubos @Tut please help to solve this.


You need to show the edit screen for the custom report?

You are double-counting the transactions


thanks for your reply here is the edit screen of report

You need to add a “Where” clause so that you select only one of the two entries - by selecting on something but it isn’t clear what

Try adding other columns to the “Select” clause until you find one that will allow you to only select one of the two lines

Get rid of the “Group by” so that you can see the two lines

Once you have the field you need to use in the Where clause you can put back the Group By and get rid of the extra unwanted columns


please solve this

Only you can solve this by doing what I suggested - I do not know what information you have entered into your business file so I can’t give any advice other than what I already said above

i am tried but i can’t do this

can you make report to what you suggest.?

one more thing can you see end of the report why show “empty”


You need to get did of the Group by

You see two entries because Manager is a double-entry accounting system. Your custom report picks up both legs of the transaction because you did not apply any filters.


Please explain how i use filter to see exect qty.


Filter for one account.