Windows installation problem

I just want to make sure of something.
I have downloaded or updated to the latest manager. I open a manager file directly from the client folder not the desktop icon with all business listed. The manager file I have just opened does not open as the latest version.

Please provide edition and version number information. Editions are not currently synchronized.

OH ok so I updated to and opening from file version 22.6.12

What editions are involved for both versions? Desktop? Cloud?

I have Desktop version installed.
I didn’t grab the initial screen shot of the program list, but I found four instances on Manager in the installed programs on Windows 10. I removed them all and then re-installed version, however it shows up as version 22.4.0 in there now and 22.6.20 on the programs pages at the bottom.

It looks like an issue of some sort in the installation process. This may be the problem??

Something is going wrong with the Windows installation process

I now have 6 copies of the app installed or at least that is what appears in setting - all of them registered as version 22.4.0

Whereas I only have one copy installed - version

Exactly what I have! And all these have cropped up such as File Association Behavior and the missing manager icon. Also the msi file is no longer timestamped.

All sometime between 22.3.74 and

No problems running Manager itself (I don’t tend to open Manager files directly), but I also see the multiple listing in Programs and Features

(Windows 10, Manager V22.6.20.110)

Quite strange.

Both are windows desktop I have windows 10 64 bit

@Wornout, your chronology is not clear. Please clarify exactly what you did in what order. Specifically, where were all files and programs involved stored?

Ok I down loaded from the manager web site the version into my manager file in C drive and it over writes the previous one all good been doing it that way for the last 5 or 6 years
My Client manager files are stored in their folders in my documents in D drive under clients under there name.
So when I go open client file directly it opens as an older version 22.6.12 I assume that is when it was last used .

Laptop information

Then somewhere on your system, you have the older version of Manager installed (v22.6.12). I cannot replicate this, because I don’t work on a Windows system. But I am putting the topic into the bugs category on the basis of multiple users seeming to have the same or related issues. I also edited the subject.

Will have a look I dont normally but who knows lol. thank you for your help

This issue should be fixed now. Normally, newer version should automatically replace older version which didn’t work correctly.

The latest version (21.7.1) will now replace older version like it was before.

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Worked for me on Windows 10 Home - got rid of the old versions listed in Settings/Apps

Thank you