After updating Manager unsure of version

After updating Manager today (desktop version) I am unsure of version I use or whether the update installed correct. The version number I see in Manager is 21.11.63 instead of the newly to be installed version 22.1.7. How can I check the new version is installed?

It’s explained in the corresponding guide.

Hi Mark,

Sorry I don’t think you get it. I mean the version number I see in Manager itself, see screenshot.

@Roeland I tried to reproduce the issue by updating the Desktop version in my Mac, Its showing correct version 22.1.7.

can you please try to download once again and give a try.

OK, I downloaded Manager Desktop for Windows again: Manager-x64.msi (Windows Installer Package).
I now get a different Installation menu, namely: Manager Setup: Modify, Repair or Remove installation. I choosed ‘Repair’. After this the version number Manager shows is still 21.11.63.
Is there a file in the installation directory where I can see what version is really installed?

In my install directory (C:\Users…\AppData\Roaming\Manager) is a file ‘Version.txt’ which has only in it the text “21.11.63”. When I change this content to today (22.01.19) this does not change the version number in the program itself. So it is not that simple. Still I do not know which version I am actually using.

Yes you do. You explained it yourself in post #3. I would remove Manager and install it again. I assume you are already making regular backups of the business file(s)?

I suspect that you installed using an old version that was downloaded previously

No, I think it is just an omission of the programmers. When I take a look at the programs installed on my Windows 10 PC and search for Manager, it gives the following information (see picture):

Version number as seen by Installed Apps (Windows 10)

Furthermore, I see there is a new version on the website, version 22.1.8, so I will download and install that version and see whether this is solved.

Alas, after installing version 22.1.8 the program gives the same wrong information, namely version 21.11.63, as Installed Apps gives the right information: version 22.1.8, see picture.

Installed Apps gives version number 22.1.8

You may have two versions of Manager installed?

I am pretty sure that downloading and installing and then running Manager will show the version you downloaded and installed

Why do you think I have 2 versions installed? By the way, this is not possible other than installing it in a VirtualBox. And the version number after installing the latest version (22.1.8) shows clearly 21.11.63, see picture.

Version number after installing 22.1.8

By default Manager installs just for the users local computer account. As a result it is easy to have multiple installs of Manager on one computer, just log as another user on your computer and install Manager again.

In contrast for most other programs the software in installed in the shared program directory for that computer, so one version is available to all local computer users.

In summary, virtual box is not required to install multiple versions of Manager on a computer.

I have just downloaded and installed version 22.1.8 on my Windows 10 PC. There is no need to use the Windows Settngs to install, modify or repair. Just launch the Manager install msi file you have downloaded
The result

If you get something different, then this is down to the way in which your PC is setup

What do you get when you look at the files properties?

If it is not the version you are installing (22.1.8) then check where it is being installed when you run the installer. Check where your Manager shortcut points to.

I completely de-installed Manager and installed the new version. Now it says: 22.1.8!
So, problem solved!

That’s what I told you yesterday. :rofl: