How and where i can download Updates & where is latest version?


can any one tell me how can i download latest version of software. when i downloaded from desktop edition its 16.4 and i think so its 16.8.can anyone share with me. any new links of download version.

official download link is 16.4. administrative please update the new download link of 16.8.


Current version is 16.9.83

You can check current version at

i found latest version 16.9.83 from any where website. but my problem is still there. i installed it. and when open the desktop icon. its nothing shown and not file open.
2nd is when i try to double open the file its show me message its already open.
is there is problem installation guide.
its not open at my side

System : window 10

  • all virus protection disable
  • restart system

help me for open the software.

Can I suggest that you use the uninstall process to remove your current edition. Shutdown and then Start the computer, don’t use Restart, then download Manager using the following steps.

To download, click on the Desktop Edition button at the top of this Forum page as shown by the red arrow in the above screenshot. Select Download then Windows. Either click Run or Save and then Run. Do not double click the exe file after saving. When the install has completed, make sure the Start Manager tick box is ticked. Manager should now open






You didn’t follow @Brucanna’s suggestion

The one in the last of your screenshots (step 3) → Launch Manager.

The Launch Manager in the last screen shot should be ticked, so when you click Finish, Manager should open automatically .

The Run or Save should appear in a panel across the bottom of the screen

But why do you have two Manager icons on the desktop - there should only be one.
What happens when you double click each one.

I’m no IT person but two icons seems to be two installs
I use windows 10 and download regularly without a problem


Well, first of All that is not two icons. that are two different images are attached in one images while making thread.

and as you said i did it. more times but nothing successfully.

take a look on image:

now what can i do?

:cry: feeling bad…

2nd is as you said, run and install.i also did. i open in internet explorer and only run. its automatically installed and when i click on finish and lunch. nothing shown…

You need to see a tech person as something is wrong within your computer - not Manager.
Perhaps you have a conflict between administrator and user accounts if you use user accounts

Or try the download on a different computer

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The problem is the way that Manager installs the program. I have raised this issue with Lubos before in this post but he doesn’t seem to appreciate that people expect the program to install system wide - Issue with install using runas.

I suspect that what is happening is that you have Manager installed to two different locations - one under admin login and one under standard user login and the shortcut to Manager is now going to the second location instead of the original location where your data is stored.

What I would do is first restart the computer, then backup your data to say the desktop by finding Manager folder in every c:\users\username\appdata\roaming folder that you can find. Completely remove Manager from every login (after backing up the folders) and remove the Manager folder in Appdata for each user. Then re-install Manager.

Manager installation works on a per user configuration instead of on a per computer configuration. I suspect this is what the problem is. This would also result in two different versions of manager being installed as mentioned in my linked post.

From post Installation Problem (Not open when i installed)

These two topics sound identical and it would appear that a windows update is the problem. This sounds most likely as a number of people have reported random issues with Windows 10 and Manager lately. I suspect that Windows Update may be the root cause of all of them - although this does not negate earlier post about how manager installs the software per user instead of per computer.

To the OP have you tried uninstalling this KB to see if this fixes the issue - in which case Lubos can fix Manager to work with that update.


Thanks for respond.

well point is, i am using Administrative account on my laptop. there is not any user account in my system. and what about backup, guys firstly i install this software… i am trying to install this software first time in my system. brand new installation :slight_smile:
yes, maybe that is problem in my system. well i’ll try to install this software in another system.

2nd is, any users who have facing issue, please tell us did they install it or not.?

and untill yet i dont know what is problem. many times i install or delect, restart, and sutdown and on my system but failed. well that is good sound i’ll try now first on another machine. then i’ll let you know.

*dont off the topic


Hello Dalacor & others.
I have been successfully running Manager on Windows 10 for some time. Two days ago a major Windows 10 update was installed by Microsoft. Since then Manager no longer works. I absolutely love Manager with its Fast, & efficient layout & performance & now I effectively cannot access my accounts on my main computer. As far as I am concerned it is a Windows 10 flaw NOT Manager. I previously used Quickbooks but after retiring I could not justify the expenditure especially as I only work part time. Then along came the very good Manager accounting system & free to people like me. A big thanks to the company for making it available to us. I hope a solution is found soon.

Regards to all,

Good Morning !

maybe that is the windows 10 issue. i dont know about that. untill i’m not able to say anything else beacuse when i’ll check it at my another system windows 7 as soon as possible.
2nd is yes PMIHALEC quickbook is good one. but problem is that its too loaded and sometimes its taking more times to open,
and try your best. and do good, you’ll receive good!!!

I am not a “windows person” and haven’t used any version of it for years. However, today by chance I stumbled over some information relating to recent windows updates and .NET dependencies that appear to be borking some applications.

It appears that some updates are disabling .NET - - - in which case, here is the fix…

I suspect that this is only for programs that use the older version of Microsoft .Net Most programs including Manager will now be using .net 4.6.1 which is not in the Turn Windows Features area as its installed independently of Windows.

I think the solution is to remove KB3176936 as this is what is causing the issue. According to internet searches it has broken powershell and many other things. Just go to uninstall a program in control panel then click view installed updates and find the offending update and remove it.

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already, 4.6 .net framework :frowning:

and XERO50 as you said,my system is already checked the box. i again did it but failed! :frowning: