Why does this file appear?

I opened his file this morning used it ,closed it then some time later I went to into his file and there was this 00000000000 file can I delete it

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On desktop edition, this file shouldn’t be created anymore. It’s still created in server edition as it stores list of users, passwords and other information not related to any particular business.

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Please clarify, @Wornout. You wrote that you “…opened his file this morning….” From your bread crumbs, it looks like you are storing business files in standalone folders. Did you open the business directly, or launch it through the Manager application?

But this only happened this morning running version 22.6.12 even though my manager is version 22.6.20. when I open a file directly from client folder it opens in the older version. I think Tut put it in the bugs section?

Sorry Tut I opened it directly yes I am storing business files in standalone folders . My client list is way long and is hard when I use the manager application. So the stand alone client folders are linked to my CRM system by a hyper link the CRM is an access database it makes it so much easier to keep track of other client information

If I remember from your previous posts, you use the desktop edition, right?

Yes I do ,Great memory :smiley:

Then you should be able to delete that index file (the one with all zeros in the file name). Move it somewhere safe temporarily. Close all Manager files. Close the Manager app, if open. Then open the business file again and see if the index file is recreated.

If the index file is recreated, that would seem to indicate you are actually running the server edition on your desktop machine (which can be done). That could also explain the puzzling behavior of thinking you’ve installed v22.6.20 but files open in v22.6.12.

No it has not done it again. I forgot to see if I had more than manager app on my PC as you asked the other day. Will look and come back

Ied to have a few so have deleted them and redownloaded the latest version again

Fixed it thank you so much Tut. I uninstalled all manager from my PC I did not even know there was more as I thought I was installing over one each time. And started again. And now they all open in the latest version. Thank you so much Tut :clap: :bowing_woman:

why does the file icon not show as manager is that not a thing any more it opens with manager I guess thats all I need to worry about but it looked good all these wee manager icons sitting there

That is a question I don’t know the answer to. It may be part of white labeling.

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