Urgently need help with the new Payslip Summary

It came to my attention that there is a new design in the payslip summary from this discussion - Payroll Summary layout problems

Honestly, we do prefer the previous payslip summary where we can view each line for each employee - Name, Gross Pay, Total Deductions, Net Pay, Total Contributions.

Now with the new layout, which group them by category, thus making it very difficult to view each employee in a row and no longer looking like a summary. The most important part of the summary, “Net Pay,” missing from the report.

We use the Payroll Summary (the previous layout) nearing the payroll day to actually make export data to Microsoft Excel and then convert it to the required format before submitting it to the banking system to make the payroll transfer. We also make printout copy to crosscheck the payments made against the “Net Pay” are actually correct.

The new layout doesn’t provide the “Net Pay,” and our years of workflow stopped with the new layout. We cannot be printing individual payslip or looking through one-by-one and typing the “Net Pay” data into Excel file. The steps of getting the “Net Pay” are getting not friendly user anymore.

Also, there was mentioning of Report Transformation as the means to customize the way we want for the Payslip Summary. However, since I am not technical in HTML, this is becoming more troublesome. Probably, @lubos and Manager team should provide some templates for the Report Transformation like the Payslip Summary (the previous layout), the Contribution Report, the Deductions Report to allow non-technical person like me a straight-cut solution. I would understand that @Tut would say get someone to do the HTML (as he had said that many times to many people), but as a lay user, we can’t be hiring people to do HTML, when the Manager had been providing us that reports, only that the new layout took over and the basic stuff missing from the reports.

I hope something can be done soon as per next week is the payroll week. Or something like a guide that I can grasp easily without hiring a programmer to customize a report for my needs.

Thank you for the helps.

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Have you looked at the Employee Summary report? Could you export those for each employee and add a net pay calculation line to our spreadsheet?

The Employee Summary report is an accumulative report for individual employees, with the capability to set a date range. Not a great report for monthly Payroll.

@Tut Employee Summary report doesn’t provide the “Net Pay.” It is better to go to payslip tab and look for individual payslip for the “Net Pay.”

For the record, I am providing the comparison between the previous Payslip Summary with the current:

This is the previous Payslip Summary layout (our printout copy). A report of all the employees in a single page.

The following is the new Payslip Summary layout. Group them by category and list individuals who will receive the payment in that category. The list is overwhelming long if printed.

By comparison between the previous and the new layout, big changes being made.

Actually, personally, not much of usage for the new layout report. We don’t need to view all employees in their categories of payment. Only the individual employee would like to see his/her payment category. The Payslip or the Employee Report is sufficient for their viewing.

For us, business owners, care the most is the final total amount of the employees in which we have to make payment. Therefore, the previous Payslip Summary layout with the Name, Gross Pay, Total Deductions, Total Contributions and Net Pay provides the best answer to all business owners’ needs.

(I understand that there are others had commented wanting to have landscape view of the Payslip Summary with detailed data across, but again the whole idea or bottomline is still the Gross Pay, Deductions, Contributions, and the Net Pay.)

I really hope @lubos would reconsider to bring back the simple yet effective previous Payslip Summary report, Deductions report and the Contribution report back to the Manager. Those are the very basic reports. Any upgrade to these 3 reports or making 3-in-1 report must consider how to put them together in a way none of the important information missing from the report.

I can hear your scream, mate.
Althought Manager is good in many ways, inconsistency is an ultimate issue with this software.
I didn’t update it for many months (when I was using it), only because of unpredictability and unpleasant surprises it can bring. Features that I was relying on, could be easily scrapped overnight and that wasn’t a big deal to do this. For some companies this can be too expensive pleasure, so I could not rely on this program, stopped using it and switched to paid software.

Payroll reports are one of good examples of that inconsistency. These were perfectly fine general reports - zero effort to produce any breakdown of figures or transformt it into anything you need, so I didn’t get the reason of removing these. It is fine if you are about to add new reports/layouts, but why to remove? New reports are useless in that term.

I guess Managers development got to the point where it is unable to satisfy one user needs by sacrificing others’ needs, so why not to think of localization packages that adjust Manager to specific needs or addons for particular features or more universal tools (like Custom Reports, but I am not sure if it is working at all, I didn’t manage to produce any meaningful report with it).


For the update, our payroll this month went through some extra works. Though we managed to submit the data to the banking system and make the transfer, but it wasn’t easy for my finance staff. They discovered a way through the Payslip tab and its main page provides the similar outlook to the previous Payslip Summary layout. However, the list of names is not in alphabet order, and we had to highlight those we wanted for selective printing. The printing spread out to several pages as the columns and rows are much wider. The export function worked, but some manipulation works done in the Excel.

Bottomline, I still believe in the Manager, so I would not comment further. What I really like to suggest to @lubos if there is any possibility of improving the reports, these are my suggestions:

  1. Bring back the Payslip Reports, Contribution Reports, Deduction Reports
  2. If not, a guide for the report transformation
  3. Provide templates or templates’ codes for customization.

Thank you


Hi Lubos

Just checking if there is a chance to get back one day those scrapped payroll summary reports?


@lubos Another month end for salary. Wish to have the former payroll summary reports back in the Manager.

I gave this a lot of thought. I came to conclusion that any report which has pre-defined columns is essential and belongs to Reports tab. This means it was wrong to remove the classic payslip summary report (regardless how it’s used). This has been now rectified in the latest version (19.7.71).

The expanded payslip summary report has been renamed to Payslip Totals per Item and Employee which is more appropriate name for the report.


Thank you, Lubos.