Salary Details which enables onetime payroll processing for all employees

@lubos I havent been creating topics the past few days because I have some questions that still haven’t been answered but i will like to drop this one in now.

Instead of doing the payroll for each employee at a time. You can configure Manager to allow creating of salary details for every employee based on payslip items created. For example I have three employees A, B, and C. I can create the following payslip items

  1. Basic Salary
  2. Provident fund Deduction
  3. Allowance
  4. Paye.

Employee A who is a top level manager may have the following salary details

Basic salary $2000
Provident fund Deduction $100
Allowances $200
and PAYE $250

Employee B (junior) may have
Basic salary $1500
Provident fund Deduction $75
and PAYE $200

Employee C (casual worker)
Basic salary $1000
and PAYE $ 200

Everyone’s salary structure will be created

Now when the week ends, or the months ends and i am doing a payroll, all i have to do is to go to Payroll and select “Run Group Payroll”, I will then check/select the employees to be paid from the list of all employees which will be displayed after clicking on “Run Group Payroll” and click on create.

You May invent a better term than “Run Group Payroll”

All Payroll expenses and liabilities will be created for the selected staff. This will save much time.
The salary details of an employee could be edited anytime if pay level rises or salary structure of an employee changes or someone new is employed

SUMMARY: Create employee salary details structure for all employees. During payroll, select the employees and run it.

Now the question is ‘Can you put this in manager?’


I’m planning to implement workflow that will allow to create payslips for all employees in bulk. It will still take 3 months before it’s available but definitely on my to-do list.


I know there is a lot on you to do, but i feel i have to remind you about the promise you made about batch payroll processing.

I want to add to the above suggestion that you can enable givng a title to every batch payroll run, or every payroll run, so that we can track things well. E.g i may title a payroll run as ‘July 2015 payroll’.

And if possible an option to print all payslips under a payroll title at a go. E.g to print all payslips in ‘July 2015 Payroll’

I’m wondering what would be the best way to implement this. I’m thinking ability to set up recurring payslips like you can setup recurring sales invoices could work. Or not?

I think you should head towards Payroll processing instead of payslip processing, I am suggesting payroll abilities. The home page says payroll management is one of the features but honestly that isn’t true, Payslip management is what we have now. If you find someway to enable what i am suggesting that will be a plus to this amazing app

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Lubos, can you please include a control in the payslip that will it possible to show the figure when payment is to be made. Curretly, the Net Pay is not showing in the staff salaries clearing account. Thank you

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@Ugonedo_Emereole, not sure what you mean. Do you make payment to employees on the same day as is the payslip issued?

@Lubos I am a new user to the manager, I have tried to capture all details of my employees…But i’m facimg some challenges on running the payroll with all details OR rather get a one report with all details of Gross pay,each deductions and net pay.

Appreciate your support

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I agree

@Godfrey, what are you trying to accomplish? There is a report to show you totals (gross pay, deductions etc) by employee.

Hi Lubos

Thanks for the reply……On submission of taxes they want to see the report having columns with gross salaries, taxes, deductions……the reason behind is to see the base of calculated tax and deductions.

Otherwise its true I have seen the report with deductions/taxes but without gross pay as BASE of those deductions.

We appreciate the support always and making this system helpful and useful to our business.

Kind regards

Godfrey Shayo

The first column of the Payslip Summary report is Gross Pay:

I might understand if your local authority wanted to see a breakdown by various deductions, such as national income tax, provincial tax, etc. That would take more work and some exporting to a spreadsheet. But gross pay is definitely there.

@Tut The break down is what is needed. In my country you have to print out and file a pay sheet. you can export the deductions and earnings separately on Manager and combine but a single pay sheet report showing all the breakdowns of earnings and deductions would be awesome

@Lubos , Absolutely correct Gross pay is there BUT the authority need to see the breakdown of the deduction and taxes. Sorry for confusion!

Will it be sufficient to also provide the Payslip Deduction Summary?

As @tony says, there is Payslip Deduction Summary report which actually breaks down individual deductions.

@lubos, is there any way to get no. of days in a. month a staff worked in the report mentioned by tut?

Even though I put Unit and rate but I’m not getting this in my output report.

[quote=“Tut, post:15, topic:2402”]

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 7.00.21 AM.png818x238 19.7 KB

Hope you understand what I mean.

Thanks in advance :wink:

The Payslip Summary can only be edited for date range. No other changes are possible.

Units don’t have to represent days. They can represent hours or anything really.

I would say ability to show report you are asking is in the scope of custom reports. Custom reports are not yet “feature complete”. I’m still working on them and it’s my top priority to finish the feature asap. Then I imagine there will be a lot of examples what can be produced using them.



I’m also looking for this feature as well, bulk payroll processing for employees based on a set configuration which includes, basic salary, tax, bonus / benefits etc. Its been like more than 7 months since you said it will take like 3 months to complete, can you tell us how much more time you need to get these features into productions.

Thank you