Is Manager ready for single touch payroll 1st July

Hi, is manager compliant with single touch payroll for the 1st July?

There is going to be new report published on this page which will support STP:

If you need STP, you can download the report and import it into Manager. Check that page tomorrow. Should there by then.


Thank you for your effort put into STP.

I installed the STP worksheet with the view to using Single Touch Lite, which looks like an acceptable way to to comply ($5.00 basic even better).

I think I have everything configured correctly, but after activating report the following areas have not appeared:

Date - from-to do not appear
W2 - no value
PAYG - Individual withholding no value
Super? - no mention?

If I use the export to CSV button, it exports correctly, but no values in the file.
Using the grayed out export button on the bottom of the page, a copy of the Payslip Summary is exported.

This will be an excellent addition to the program if I can get around these anomalies.
Thank you

Edit: upgrade to 19.6.68 fixed date and W2

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Hi I tried to install the Single Touch Payroll Worksheet report. today I followed the instructions but I can not find the report.

I installed the PAYG payment summary – individual non-business yesterday and it worked fine. I am running Manager 19.6.62. Which I assume is the latest version as I also tried to update and got a message save same version is already installed…

Any suggestions?

Reports -> Payslips - > Single touch payroll worksheet -> View -> Export to CSV

Yep done that

The report is not there (screen shot attached) is appears the worksheet is not installing.

I am using Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS but manager has work flawlessly on this system

You have not installed the Single touch payroll worksheet


Yes I think it is not installing. I installed PAYG payment summary yesterday and following a similar procedure today have tried to install the Single touch payroll worksheet.

I go to settings
Click on import
Choose the Single Touch Payroll Worksheet.json file previously down loaded
Hit the import button and
the software Immediately goes back to the settings page.

Go to reports and no report.
Close manager and open manager again No report.

For some reason it is not installing yet PAYG payment summary did yesterday without a problem.?

Make sure you have current versions of Manager (19.6.69) and the worksheet (27,876 bytes file). Lubos has been working on both recently


Well done I forced reinstall of the software to the version released today and the report is now there.

Thanks for your help - I clearly did not have the latest version.


Installed new version 19.6.69 and single touch payroll worksheet and get the following error in payg withholding field. Any idea how to resolve issue. Also export to csv produce a blank file.


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I haven’t tested just installing the single touch pay roll work sheet. Did you intentionally not install the other localisations for Australia, I’m not sure if there is some dependency between them. Version control on the localisations is also less clear so make sure you download a current copy.

I have install new version 19.6.74 and all latest versions of worksheet, still have the same error with no figure in payg withholding field and export to csv produce blank file.

At this moment, STP Worksheet needs to be configured so it has two periods. The first one is for current pay period, the second one is YTD period.

Currently STP Worksheet doesn’t check or give any guidance. I’m working on improving usability of the report and basically getting it to work properly. Hopefully by tomorrow should be all sorted out.

@Patch I agree - localizations are still cumbersome. It’s a new concept and I have some new ideas about needs to be done to make it easier.

I made the first successful lodgement from Manager using STP Worksheet today.

You can download the latest worksheet from here:

When you create STP worksheet, two periods need to be configured as follows:

  • First period is your pay period (could be single day)
  • Second period is your YTD period. For example, if pay period is 06/07/2019, then YTD period must be 01/07/2019 to 06/07/2019 - this is because W1 and W2 figures are reported for pay period but all employee figures are reported for YTD period.

Have just trailed this brilliant can hardly wait for NZ one to roll out . Then I can just use manager and no other spreadsheets databases . except my Asset depreciation

When you have more than one employee, the suburb field includes previous employees suburbs. How can we fix this?

@aha, this is a bug. I will fix it today.

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@lubos @Patch
I have moved to this thread, The issue I had was if both YTD and Pay Period were the same which in my case they are. I changed the YTD period by a day and I now have results. Awesome!
I changed the date back and it is still happy so I am not sure now. I did restart manager inbetween.