Suggestion for combined, more detailed, Payslip Summary report

Payslip detail report would be a great benefit to us. A combination of the Payslip summary, Deductions and Contributions Summary would be greatly appreciated. At the moment I have to pull up three reports to complete the IRD Employer monthly schedule. A detailed payslip report would simplify this process.

I noticed that this similar request was shelved from the Ideas list sometime back… What happened?

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No, it wasn’t shelved. The request was for a report of payslip earnings items, and the request was implemented, as clearly stated in that topic.

If you aren’t satisfied with what is available, can you post a screen approximating what you think such a report should contain and look like?

OK so there is a Detailed Payslip Report… What Manager version is it in, one report combining Payslip summary, Deductions and Contributions Summary? Will post something shortly.

Confusion … Changed heading to read Payslip Detail Report

I didn’t say there is a Detailed Payslip Report. I said the suggestion in another topic for a report on payslip earnings items was implemented. It is called Payslip Earnings Summary and was added in version 17.9.71, as was also stated in the other thread.

That report is not a combined report of all payslip items, which is what you are suggesting. Such a report would actually be an expansion of the existing Payslip Summary. I will put this in the ideas category and modify the topic title accordingly.

Such a report might eliminate the need for the existing detailed reports on earnings, deductions, and contributions. But it might also be judged too much information for a single report, as some jurisdictions have a lot of payslip items that have to be accommodated.


… however not necessary duplicating all the items so back to my first comment. “A combination of the Payslip summary, Deductions and Contributions Summary reports would be greatly appreciated”. Just feel the data could be consolidated effectively in one detailed report.

Exactly what combination are you suggesting? What would be left out, and how would Manager know? As soon as you start consolidating, you are back to the existing Payslip Summary. Or else you have some things represented but not others? How would you design a report useful in all jurisdictions?

Put simply … On the “Payslip Summary Report” you will find “Total Deductions” now on the sort afterDetailed Payslip Report” I would like to see the “Deductions Summary” populate that “Total Deductions” area, then where the “Total Contributions” are shown at the right hand side of the “Payslip Summary Report” I would like to see “Contributions Summary” data please. Hence a detailed report.

Hope this helps as it will mitigate having three screens / reports open to view data and improve work flow.

OK using Manager here are the reports with the information that will be great in a single report made up from data found on the Earnings Summary, Deductions Summary and Contributions Summary.

I am looking for this :slight_smile:

From Reports:

Payslip Earnings Summary


Hope the snap shots make sense… So, I would like is this more detailed report to present the category totals as calculated for all employees. In short it could present the total liability or outstanding monies the entity has for each tax or deduction / credit type with the TAX Office. So the report would be… if considered not a breakdown for each employee because we already have that in the well presented Payslip summary, Deductions and Contributions Summary reports but on a total obligation level with the revenue department.

Myself I’m a supporter of the merging the reports to get something called the “Paysheet”.

I’m think the problem is with getting the sheet/table to fit in the sheet (paper size). If that isn’t the problem then why should they be separated?.
A full view of earnings and deductions for employees must be shown in a single page.

Makes work faster because you don’t have to be switching between deductions and earnings reports

In my view the size of the report table or sheet would not be a problem it is just a case of getting the holistic data easily. The current reports as they stand are great and fill their purpose well so I would not like to see them go.

Problem solved by operating four 24" monitors each split into 2 work spaces. Job now simplified.

The latest version (19.6.60) is removing these three reports:

  • Payslip Earnings Summary
  • Payslip Deduction Summary
  • Payslip Contribution Summary

They are are now all combined within more detailed “Payslip Summary” report which summarizes payslips by items, then employees.

The issue with those removed reports was also that if business had many earnings, deduction or contribution items, reports would span too much horizontally which also made them difficult to work with. New layout of Payslip Summary gives all the information while solving the problem of those three reports if there were too many payslip items.


Diving right in to check shortly…

Pristine! All the detail is there and so much easier. Now let us see how our other users find it. Thank you.

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Great work Lubos, I haven’t checked yet but thanking you in advance.

@compuit how do you work out the PAYE KIWI saver and ESCT , student loan etc. I built n access data base and an excel system that includes the tax tables so looks up earnings and tax type ie M, ME etc and returns all the information. But was wondering how you did it

We only have a few employees to look after so we use this link (If I remember correctly you prefer the tables).
After the employees payslip record is populated with the same data I PDF the result from the calculator and attach it to the payslip record in Manager. Make certain not to email this record to the employee when sending the payslip.
We find this way paperless and for us it works faster than the table method. In addition it guarantees all is precisely what the IRD expect.

Oh all I do is type in the gross amount earned and excel does the rest for me.
I am about to go that one step further to put the data into managers batch up date or create file so I only have to click a few buttons and its done everyone at once

Thanks for combining the payslips report. Though, the currency of payslip amount will be a useful addition. This is helpful when you have employees getting salaries in different currencies. Usually expats salaries are being made in US Dollar, while locals salaries are being made in local currency.