Payroll Summary layout problems

Hi guys,

For whatever the reason I get payroll summary organised in one single column:

And the report is 6 pages long, I believe it must be a bug.
Managers version is 19.6.74

No, as announced in the July newsletter, the Payslip Summary was enhanced to combine three former reports. The screen shot shows you are displaying all payslip information for the entire year of 2018. So perhaps it takes 6 pages. What is wrong about that if you have that much information to list? Fewer payslip items, fewer employees, or fewer payroll dates would all produce a shorter report.

How much should I have per list?

You should have whatever you need. My point was not that you should have fewer of anything. You suggested there was a bug in the program because it took 6 pages to list all your information. I was only pointing out that if you had less information you would get a shorter report.

Do you want to say, that such layout is absolutely fine? It is just me who is putting to much information to accounting program and wants to see too much on the screen?

I am only saying there is no bug.

Last time, besides that you’ve been rude and did not see any need to apologise, you said the same - that there was no bug, but there was a bug. So why should I care what you say? and why I should listen to you at all?

@Brucanna , please, can you look into this issue? After payroll update report layout is broken and all record are put under one column, repeating employee names X number of columns. The same way works export to CS.

This is new layout. It’s not a bug.

Now, you could make a case that you just want to see totals per payslip item rather than totals for each employee.

This will be solved by upcoming generic feature which will allow you to generate any report up to specified number levels.

You can also make the case that the data is shown as an array so all totals are available:
Per payslip item and per employee - and exported on to one sheet of paper (perhaps).


The problem with this layout is that people have typically more payroll items than that. It will span horizontally too much - often out of view.

This is why previous layout didn’t even show payroll items - it would show just “Earnings”, “Deductions”, “Contributions” and “Total”. But then we needed extra reports to show detail for each payroll item group.

New layout merges all the information into single report - yes - it can get really long but once ability to show reports only up to certain number of levels is implemented it will solve this problem.

Also, new layout supports comparative periods. It doesn’t have to be one column. It’s one column only because report is set for one period only.

If such implementation is what was planned, then it is design bug. Firstly because 90% of space on every of 6-7 pages is empty and the list is not long - just 18 employees. For example, my current software fits all that to a single page (attaching screenshot for comparison). Yes, it landscape, but it is much more readable than 6-7 page book and it still has plenty of space left.
If you say, that this will be solved in the future, then probably ok, but still - why 6 pages? This report becomes unusable (too long to be convenient to use) if you have >3 employees.

As for argument - why would someone need that. I would ask opposite - why wasn’t this the case and the problem for many years up until now?
I was using this report at the time when I was using Manager and actually I liked these reports as they could give you information in two ways - summary and details, both I was using for business analysis and HR costs planning, as well as casual reporting on various occasions (e.g. court order to deduct X amount from someone’s pay over Y period and report it to the court). Single page view gives great instant visual overview.

Where can I find this? Not using Manager anymore, so I am bit disconnected where is that.

Is this country-specific payroll software where columns are hardcoded?

Payroll in Manager is used in many countries and there are varying number of categories for which totals must be reported. This is why I can’t show payroll categories as columns. The layout would fall apart in half of the countries. So I needed to take step back.

This is where Report Transformations are coming into place. Report transformation can transform (or reduce) generic report into what is actually optimal in your country.

Good example is Australia where there are already country-specific payroll and tax reports. You don’t need to look at Payslip Summary unless you are trying to troubleshoot something.


That being said, I could make it an option to present the report vertically or horizontally (if you are reporting figures for single period).

There is similar issue with Capital Accounts Summary because capital sub-accounts are presented as columns. For many businesses, the report is basically unprintable.

Yes, the software is UK specific (IRIS), but that is more down to me rather then a country specific.
I was using various breakdowns of payroll since I had to issue recommendations - if there should be pay rise next quarter/year or it is better to allow more overtime hours or hire another employee or are business in line with contractual obligations and similar. So these reports were great if you didn’t want to go into many details and still have overview of the year with names and you could go into more details if you wanted to, so I found these reports to be great.
Many business may not need that and will be pretty happy with what exist. But still I would like to advocate those who are hungry for more flexibility in that.

Is there any workaround to have the lost reports? Is it possible to produce similar to these trough custom reports? I’ve been trying, but no success.

This topic was not confusing but a suggestion. will one day this be implemented?
as per emoployee plus all the deduction or payslip iterms be in column?