The feature of not deleting and modifying invoices after saving

Can some modifications be made as follows:
The option to prevent deletion of the sales invoice as well as purchase invoices and not to modify them after saving.
The modification and deletion should be done using a feature in the system and entered with a password

use the cloud or server editions of Manager and create user permissions as necessary.
please read the guide Set user permissions | Manager

Is it possible to include it in the desktop version in future releases

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no. desktop edition is for single users.

I am an individual enterprise user, but in the system and the laws that were implemented in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in December by the Zakat and Income Authority, the program for electronic invoices has the option to prevent modification and deletion in the invoice after saving it

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please read below topic completely. everything has already been discussed on the forum.

Saudi Arabia

Do I understand from this topic that this feature is not available in the free version and that it is available in the paid cloud version, and that it is not possible to add these features in the free version of the desktop in the upcoming versions.