Saudi Arabia

concerning my QR problem in some invoices, I noticed QR works fine if I removed Invoice number Totaly from the invoice or one of the elements like the customer.

It can’t be content amount of characters, QR works fine in the new invoices even if content characters are many or many than one of the problem invoices. So I had to notice you that it works fine just if I removed invoice number and make it blank.

Are you able to reproduce this issue in localization country template?

Unfortunately no

Are you able to send me business file to where it can be reproduced?

I will try again to send the business file.

why I can’t edit the custom field of “VAT return form” in my business?
I need to add a custom VAT code for internal use - VAT return form - and I can’t see the tax code unless I select its group which I can’t add for the custom field.

I can add the custom tax code within Saudi Arabia but this tax code is not a standard tax rate and we can’t force everyone to use it.

You cannot make changes to custom fields, report transformations and extensions which are coming from localizations. The reason is that when improvements are made in localizations, they would override your modifications anyway.

If you have business-specific report transformation, you can create business-specific custom field on tax code. This way localizations and your business-specific stuff is separate from one another.

Thanks, I can understand that.
The new custom field works fine.

Localization for Saudi Arabia in Arabic. will it possible to have it in English if most users would like to have it

@abdulbari Something similar is being discussed in Hong Kong topic.

Do most users like their accounting software to be in English instead of Arabic and here in Saudi Arabia? How?!

I totally support this idea to add an English localization file for Saudi Arabia which introduces Manager at a highly professional level but shouldn’t we improve the existing Arabic file first?

We need to generate QR on credit notice with its information just like QR from Sales Invoice.
Currently, I’m using a custom QR but this is mandatory by authorities.

Another thing is the possibility to show the time next to the date in the QR code.
I remember reading some threads about the timing of operations not being recorded in the program and only the date is recorded. I do not know, but what is required according to the instructions currently is the timestamp (date and time).

@lubos can you check it out and help, we will be very grateful

Manager does not include time of transaction in the database. Please provide documentation of how “timestamp” is defined in your regulations. That term is generic and does not necessarily mean that the time of day must be included.

i think this is only partially true. since the introduction of History everything is recorded with a timestamp. maybe the timestamp is not included in transaction forms but it definitely is available in the database.

My language should have been more precise. You are correct. But report transformations will only call data from transaction records, while the History file stores actions.


Kindly, view E-Invoicing detailed guidelines
Just jump to page 46 you will find (Date and Time)

I believe the required time will need to come from the QR generation process (via the extension), not from Manager’s record of the transaction.

The required time is the invoice creat time stamp. Do you mean using QR generate time? If yes, would this time stamp is the same time stamp of transaction creat time?

After reading the guidelines you provided, I do not think Manager is required to generate QR codes. The rules seem similar to our country.

The invoice details are sent to your govt portal where an e-invoice is generated with a unique hash. This hash is included in the QR code generated by the portal and this is what you need to print on the invoice.

So Manager needs to facilitate sending the required invoice details to such portal and download the generated QR code which should then be displayed on the invoice.

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