Data security

i see there is no security of data in desktop, you can create a transaction then update it or delete it.
so how to restrict this in desktop version. / And is this problem in Server edition also?

it’s been discussed elsewhere (search “desktop security”), however in short:

The desktop version is as secure as your computer is. You don’t generally need passwords to use applications on your computer, you usually need a password to use it.

The server version is different and is operated as a service that someone actually logs in to via the browser. As such, there is a login area for that purpose.

The ideal operation is system should allow updating or canceling offer with revision reference, then after creating purchase invoice or sales order, any further updation or deletion should not be allowed. Can some one who using the server/cloud version confirm this please

Take a look at this guide:

From the server version you can define allowed actions as:

That dropdown has these options:

I don’t use that functionality as I am the only user and have admin access. It would appear from the options it comes down to what the user is allowed to do. However before all delete actions there is a confirmation dialog, but not so with edit. If the user has the edit role and allowed access to the item being edited, then the edit is immediate.

Hi Dave,

Thanks for this, i appreciate.

So, if edited, is there a log maintained?

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@ismail, there is audit trail but currently it doesn’t give full information. You can see something was edited (e.g. invoice), you can’t see what exactly was changed (e.g. amount on invoice).