The administrator has not set up your permissions for this business

I am trying to create permissions for users but after setting permissions, users cannot see the tabs but rather “The administrator has not set up your permissions for this business.” is displayed.

To get any useful help, you need to show the edit screens of your permission settings

It seems that you did not set them correctly but who knows from your descriptive of the problem

Also, please stat what edition and version of Manager you are using

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Thank you for the feedback, I will do as you advised and revert.

Be sure to read the Guide about user permissions.

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Please show a screenshot of the registered users from the homepage, i.e. the page where you can create the new users (you need to click on the users tab next to the business tab) see screenshot.

When done correctly you would see for non admin users the businesses they are assigned to.

Then you can open such business and edit the permissions for that user.

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Thanks team. I got it now.
I really appreciate your responses.