Problem accessing business when user is not admin

Hello everybody
First, excuse me for my poor poor English
I’ve installed a (no-fresh) server version of
Everything is fine, but… but
I’ve created a business unit as administrator, filled everything from config to first accounting items, I’ve created another user (valentin) which would be the owner.
So … When I log with this account and click on business name, application return to the same point (I click on business name, and one second after, the screen return on the business list)
My version is quite old (21.1.60).
Could you, please, tell me what is wrong ?


Screenshots? And did you consult the corresponding Guide?

Yes, I did…
Here are 2 screenshots (first one as administrator, the second as user)
For information, when I click on “VALENTIN ENSEIGNEMENT” nothing happens…

Any idea, please ?

Have you set up user permissions as explained in this Guide?

Oh mark, you’re my lord…
Let me explain what happened…
As you know, I’m French, and that’s what I see when I’m choosing “user permissions” … Yes, you’re right, I see nothing…

You gave me the good idea : use English !!
So I asked Manager to be a good English product, with a ton of chewing-gum, and TADA … That’s what I see now

Yes, my problem was to be a French speaker, and unfortunately, a few things are not traduced …

Now, everything is fine, I was able to give access rights to my user.

Many many thanks

@patrick.duflot, you should update your software. When I change the language preference to French on the cloud edition, v21.11.54, this is what I see:

Whether a particular language is fully translated yet or not, content should still show. Untranslated terms will simply show in English instead of the selected language.

Let us know if that fixes the problem.

Yes, definitively, it would fix my problem…
Many thanks to everybody