Taxable Payments Annual Report for Contractors

Hi Tony,

I have customised fields, set them on Invoices and paid the invoices - when I do a search (Suppliers transactions Report) This is what I get

Set Period
5 rows hidden because they don’t contain TPAR. Undo ****

What am I doing wrong??



You search under the Suppliers tab instead of the Suppliers transaction report. The Custom Field should be set under the Suppliers name. When you search from the Suppliers tab it will show the Suppliers that have been labelled as TPAR. You will then need to click on the supplier balance figure to extract the transactions subject to TPAR reporting or export them to Excel.

@sxr8000, in order for the Search function to work, the content you are searching for must be visible on the screen. So no matter what custom field content you want to search for, in any tab, the custom field itself must be set to show as a column.

The latest version (19.5.46) has added the Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR)

If you are creating a new business and set your business location to Australia, the report will be automatically added.

For an existing businesses, to add the report, go to Settings, then click Import button at top-right corner.

Select Australia and click Next button.

In Import field, select following items:

Then click Import button.

Now go to Suppliers tab and edit each supplier to be included in the report by entering their ABN and setting Include this supplier in Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR) to Yes.

Once done, you can go to Reports tab and click on the report.

Here is how it will look:

Net purchases from suppliers are reported by offsetting debit notes against purchase invoices .


Lubos, Thank you for your information and the programming of the TPAR into Manager, this is very much appreciated.
I have one small problem, I must have missed something, as I have Imported the necessary instructions into Manager and subsequently marked the Supplier Account with the TPAR requirement, but I have all of the Company Information but nothing for the suppliers who are required to be included on the TPAR.
Thanking you for your assistance.

What do you mean by this? Did you follow all steps in the Guide: When you say you have nothing for the suppliers, do you mean you do not have their ABNs? You will need to get those from your suppliers and enter them in the custom field.

If that is not what you are referring to, what do you mean?

I mean that all of the information necessary is on the Supplier but there is no record of the transactions on the TPAR

Every country-specific report is just a report transformation of some generic report.

Taxable Payments Annual Report is a report transformation of Taxable Purchases by Supplier

So can you check Taxable Purchases by Supplier report and see if it contains any suppliers?

Hi Lubos,
These suppliers are not taxable as they are under the GST Threshold.
They are painting sub-contractors.
This is possibley why I am not getting any supplier details in the TPAR

Well, is TPAR report meant to show also suppliers not registered for GST?

Yes, because not all contractors are GST Registered but the Contractor is required to furnish a report (TPAR) to the ATO to show what the subcontractor has earned for Income Tax purposes (like a Payment Summary for Employees) not the GST paid

That is not all Sub Contractors are registered for GST (Suppliers)

OK, that was my oversight. Check the latest version (19.5.53)

You still need to make sure those non-GST purchases are under GST Free tax code.

Hi Lubos,
Yes the GSTFree has to be reported on the TPAR.

thank you

Can the TPAR be programmed so that it can pickup all Suppliers marked (include this supplier in TPAR) - this way if there is no Invoice but a Cash Payment etc the supplier will still be recorded as registered to be included in the Report? - Thanking you,

@sxr8000, there is no connection in Manager between Payees on payment transactions and Suppliers. Just as you do not see cash payments on Supplier Statement reports (of transaction type), you will not get them on the TPAR.

Suppliers exist in Manager only as subsidiary ledgers of Accounts payable. So any reporting on suppliers must go through that account.

Thank You Tut,
My reason for the question comes from my only doing the work from Bank Statements I do not have the original invoice, my client pays her own accounts and I put together the Trading Figures from the Bank Statements supplied and any other relevant records. I do not use the Accounts Payable or Recievables for that business.

Well then, @sxr8000, you will not be able to use the TPAR report from Manager, because it depends entirely on data on Suppliers in Accounts payable. You will have to extract the information from the Receipts & Payments tab, searching on individual subcontractors’ names. A custom report will do you no good, because Payees’ are not exposed for general ledger transactions.

@sxr8000 as @Tut says, currently all TPAR purchases must be recorded as purchase invoices. This is currently a limitation of the system because cash payments cannot be associated with suppliers. There is a topic under ideas category to make it so you can associate cash sales with customers and cash purchases with suppliers. Once that is implemented, this report will automatically start picking up cash purchases as well.

Thank you Lubos,
Once that has been implemented it will make the program much more flexible.
Great work… Thanks again.