Taxable Payments Annual Report for Contractors

Can I use the Manager program to report TPAR to the Australian Taxation Office

Not directly.

Custom fields may be used to identify the suppliers/contractors you are required to report in the TPAR. Supplier statements, including transactions for the reporting period, can be used to determine the gross amounts paid and calculate GST included in the gross amounts paid.

Thank you Tony, Which Custom Fields would one use - And where would you Identify TPAR for a contractor

The custom field would be attached to the Supplier under Settings. Each contractor would need to be created as a Supplier and all purchase invoices entered from each contractor.

Would I then be able to print out a Report for Each Supplier showing their Reportable Taxable Payments?
Are you in Australia?

Under Reports select Supplier Statements (Transactions) then set the period to the TPAR period.

I have set up contractors as suppliers and have tried to generate a report and all I get is “set period” which I have done and no names show up - in MYOB those suppliers that are required to be included for TPAR are marked as such and a report is printed at the end of the period showing each individual contractor’s earnings for the period and this amount is forwarded to the ATO. These contractors are paid on a weekly basis according to their Invoice.

I assume you have entered purchase invoices in accordance with the Guides -

The following website has useful tools, including the TPAR.

Thank you Tony, the link looks very interesting


Could please give me a phone call -or give me a contact number and I will call you. I am wanting to clear up this TPAR report so that I can give MYOB the flick.



Tony, my phone number is…



You should contact your accountant for assistance with the TPAR. If you haven’t used custom fields, you should set it up under Purchase Invoices if you have enabled that module. If you operate as a cash business you can add custom fields to Payments under Settings. Meanwhile, if your payments include the contractor name, you can use the search facility under Receipts & Payments to find the details of payments to contractors providing building & construction services.

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Thanks Tony - I am a registered BAS Agent and assisting an Accountant in doing Tax returns.

I have been using MYOB using their Categorising - I am aware of the requirements for a TPAR - my only question was the coding necessary for Manager - they use the setting up of a Supplier to categorise the people who are required to be registered under TPAR.



Hi Ken - Manager is used worldwide but MYOB is mainly an Australian program. Manager does not include a special setting for TPAR suppliers. This must be done generically using Custom Fields, see Guides -

At some stage, with the completion of the API, it is possible an add-on application may be developed to specifically handle a TPAR.

Hi Tony,

If I set up a Custom Field for TPAR will Manager sort on that field or any other fields that I may create?

I appreciate your help in this matter, as I find that MYOB (I have been using it and as a Professional Partner for about 10years) is now becoming dominating, and charging more and more for very little in return.



You can search by Custom Fields, see the example from the Guides:


Hi Tony,

I require this information for Suppliers as they are contractors working for my client.

Thanking you,


Hi Ken - The example only illustrates how you can search for a Custom Field. Select the Suppliers tab instead of the Customers tab.