Tpar not showing amount

Hi, I have run a TPAR and the contractors name appears but no $ amount, I have the TPAR
required ticked, can someone tell me what is wrong please? Thankyou.


Can you show Edit screen of your GST 10% tax code?

Thanks for the help, is this what you meant?

That looks fine. And I’m not able to reproduce this issue in the latest version. Can you try creating new business which is set to Australia and try creating some testing entries. Then report and see if you can reproduce the issue on testing business?

Hi, I have set up a test business and have added the payment to a subcontractor and all seems ok in this report.
Screenshot 2022-07-13 084619

Any ideas what the problem is?

Still trying to work out what the problem is, can anyone help please?

@Janine, the developer wrote that he cannot reproduce the issue. You have said it does occur in your new test business. But your screen shot does not actually indicate that is true, because no contractor’s name appears. So first, you need to create a more realistic example in your test business, with complete entries. Then, you need to post screen shots of the Edit screens of the entries. Finally, post a screen shot of the new report. Otherwise, when you ask if anyone can help, no one can because no one has any information.

@Janine you can generate the TPAR again. The issues seem to have been fixed.

Thanks Tony,
I have found that if I mark the payments to my sub contractors as "GST FREE’ the amounts now show up on my TPAR report. As we aren’t GST registered it makes no difference to my accounts as far as I can tell, any thoughts?
Thanks for your response.

Remove the tax code GST FREE from the purchase invoices and leave No Tax Code as a test. GST Free is not the correct tax code to use for contractors that are not registered for GST. This tax code only applies to supplies that are specifically exempt from GST under tax law.

I did that and the contractors names appear, but no $ amount.

OK then I would submit the TPAR with the GST Free classification. If the contractors are not registered for GST the ATO will know how to process the data.

Thanks Tony, will do.

I just clarified the ATO will treat GST Free purchases as purchases from someone not registered for GST in addition to items that are exempt from GST. They would otherwise require a special tax code such as Supplier Unregistered for GST that is not used by anyone.

That is what I have been doing as the goods supplied do not have GST included when purchased from that supplier.
In contrast if the supplier becomes registered for GST the price paid increases by 10% and includes GST, so gets the GST tax code then.

The best way to handle a Manager business not registered for GST is probably the same. All purchases entered as GST (claimable) Free irrespective of supplier / customer registration and item. If business then registers for GST, invoices after that date need GST 10% where applicable.

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