How can I record Contractors on TPAR who are GST Free

How can I record Contractors on TPAR to ATO who have been paid but are not registered to pay GST - Invoices from these Contractors are recorded as GST Free

To record a Contractor on TPAR, regardless of its GST status, go to the Supplier tab, click edit next to the suppliers name, scroll down and select “Yes” within the TPAR custom field.
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I have done all of that and the only Suppliers that I showing on the TPAR is the ones who have paid GST.
That is why I asked the question about Suppliers who are not registered to pay GST.
The report shows Correctly the Suppliers who have paid GST but no one else and they are all set up the same except for the GST or no GST.
Thank you for your thoughts

Then I suggest that you have something set up wrong as I can list both on the TPAR
Have you entered the transaction from the non-registered supplier with the “GST Free” code.

Here is my suppliers:
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Here is the transaction with “Supplier - GST”

Here is the transaction with “Supplier - No GST”

Here is the TPAR report

However, if I remove the “GST Free” code from the “Supplier - No GST” transaction

Then on the TPAR their transaction is not listed

Regardless of the TPAR report, all transactions from unregistered suppliers must have the “GST Free” code used otherwise your BAS reporting will also be not right. No great damaged done if you haven’t. Only financial transactions, bank fees, interest etc, have no tax code assigned.

Brucanna your replies have been very helpful, I have checked the setup on all Suppliers (Contractors) and one supplier does not show up at all on the TPAR and there are no Payees ABN showing at all - I am becoming very frustrated and I want to get this report lodged

Then you need to (1) review the Supplier set up to make sure the TPAR has a “Yes” and then (2) review their Purchase Invoices and make sure they have tax codes allocated

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That is because there is no entry field under Supplier to enter their ABN.
You can manually write the Payee’s ABN’s on to the report.

I am flying blind here, but, it would appear that the Manager TPAR report is a draft, not an actual lodgement form as the Manager’s report can’t be signed as per the report’s comment - 0000000 Bug 2

Therefore it appears that you need to transfer the information from the Manager report onto the TPAR form which is being actually lodged. How that occurs I guess you understand, is it through the Business Portal, or the scanning of a document and uploading.