Software crashed twice today. Is this a new problem?

I’ve been checking receipts etc for EOFY so using Manager a lot in the last few hours and have received this error twice. Manager stops responding and needs to be restarted. There appears to be no data loss but that’s not confirmed yet.


@MegC, I don’t know the source of your problem. But there have been roughly 70 updates since your version as some big changes to the underlying structure of the program were rolled out. You might update and see if the problem disappears. This could have been an issue with one of the early updates in that process that was quickly fixed.

Thanks, I’ll try that because it just happened again!
Update: I’ve downloaded 19.6.10 - I gather this is the latest? I’ll have to let you know how it goes.

Is this completely random? If the error is always before (or after) doing something specific, that would help reproduce the issue.

It went ok for a while after updating but has started again just now.
Appears to happen (trying to remember first occasions) but recently when searching in Receipts and payments

@MegC, next time this happens, describe exactly what you were doing. If possible, after restarting, post a screen shot of the page you were viewing when you tried your Search. Specify what your search criterion was that triggered the problem. (You can obscure proprietary information in the screen shot, but leave as much as you can.)

Ok, I will. It’s hard to know when though!

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Ok, it’s just happened again. Same thing, in receipts and payments, have included screenshots. Previously imported bank statements - no problems. Was manually reconciling receipts and it’s the first time I’ve done so since the last crash. 31%20PM

It always happens when the cursor is in the search box and when I go to enter a new search word instead of selecting ‘undo’ to clear the previous search.
Hope you can work it out :slight_smile:

Have you updated to the latest Mac version. I am not sure why but Manager seems to have more issues with Macs than Windows. Presumably down to the Mono Version in Macs? I don’t know if updating that would help?

That is a fairly good description. But I cannot reproduce this on my Mac. One question for you, though. Did you mean it always happens under the circumstances you describe, or only that it only happens under those circumstances? In other words, is the trigger reliable? Or does the problem happen intermittently under the triggering conditions?