Manager crashes when printing

I’ve been using Manager all day and only in the last 30 or so minutes has it started crashing when I go to print a receipt, invoice or report. Please see below for error message.
I’ve tried rebooting the laptop (I’m on Mac), deleting Manager and replacing it with a re-downloaded version but the problem still occurs. Would you have any solutions?

Thanks in advance.

Hmm, never seen anything like this before. Does it crash the moment you click Print button in Manager?

Initially, it sits for about 10-20 seconds with the rainbow wheel cursor spinning and every time after that, it will sit for a few seconds before crashing.

I’m a Mac user, too. I’m curious to know whether your hang-up and crash occur after clicking Print in Manager, or after clicking print in the dialog box that appears and allows you to set number of copies, paper size, etc.

Sorry for the late response. It occurs after I press print in Manager. It use to work fine prior to my first post, going into the dialogue box and printing invoices/receipts out via the printer or in PDF but now it doesn’t even go into the dialogue box… :cry:

Sorry. That is beyond my experience or expertise. Are other applications printing correctly?

Yes they are… Manager seems to be the only application having problems printing.

Hmm, this is too bad. At this point, I’m assuming it’s some rare incompatibility issue between Manager and specific configuration of your Mac.

Specifically the error is happening somewhere within third-party framework Manager is using. Not sure whether upgrading this framework would solve the problem. But then again, even upgrading Mac OS X to the latest could potentially solve this but no guarantees there.

If at least one other person reports the same issue, I’ll have a look at this further.

For the time being, you might need to use Email button instead of Print button to get PDFs. Email button avoids printing dialog therefore you wouldn’t see this error.

I think you’re right Lubos. If anyone else has this problem though, I’d love to know.

I upgraded to the latest Mac OS X yesterday and there was no change in the printing crash.

I did not think to E-mail myself the receipts,etc. to get a print out/PDF copy - thanks for that simple solution! Many thanks.

One thing you can try, which often solves intractable Mac OS problems, is to delete the preferences list for the application giving you trouble. In this case, in your hard drive, follow the path YourHardDrive > Users > YourName > Library > Preferences > io.manager.plist. Delete the file I’ve marked in bold. (You can always delete a preferences list in MacOS, as the operating system will generate a new one if you need it. The worst that can happen is that some settings might go back to default.)

I just wanted to let you know that this problem has been resolved. My printer decided to change its own settings from printing an A4 page to printing a different size, which caused Manager to crash when pressing print. This default setting would continuously go back to the ‘Other’ size no matter how many times I tried to change it.
In uninstalling and reinstalling the printer, the default page size went back to A4 and Manager no longer crashed when asked to print.

Thanks again for all your time and assistance.

I am trying to print out my tax transactions. When I select print, up pops my printer, but the minute I Try to change the scale to allow 2 pages to be shown on the one page, I get the forever spinning ball. If I select to print to .pdf no problems, both pages ok.
I have recently upgraded to El Capitan

If, by “El Capitan,” you mean OS X Yosemite for Mac, I am using that and have no such problems just tried printing a report on which I adjusted the print layout to 2 pages per sheet. Worked perfectly, so I don’t think it’s Manager.

No I am running the new El Capitan the latest beta. Could you please go to any invoice etc. press print and then try to change the scale from 100% to anything else. This is when I get the forever spinning ball.

I am not using El Cap yet. Other problems have been reported, too.

When I previously had problems printing, I uninstalled my printer and reinstalled it. It worked fine from there but I’ve never tried to change the scale of a printout on Manager so it may be a different issue.

I had been having crashing problems so I changed the default printer from Adobe PDF to Microsoft PDF and this has worked … I’m using windows 10.

can we not fix this crash issue on the MAC, every time it crash, either if choose save as pdf or if use open with preview… very bad…every time need restart, then again, then maybe its working


Please describe your printing/crashing problem more specifically:

  1. What edition of Manager? (desktop, server, or cloud)
  2. What version of Manager if not the cloud edition?
  3. What are you trying to print?
  4. How are you trying to save as a PDF? (That is not an option in Manager.)
  5. What, specifically, do you mean by “…use open with preview…?” You cannot open Manager with the Preview application. Nor can you view any .manager files with Preview.
  1. desktop edition, 16.9.53 (but this problem already in older version
  2. see point 1
  3. sales order, Invoice or others
  4. as in manager option when use mac (see screen shot)
  5. see screen shot

so if use print, then choose either save or open… then manager crash, this problems already a longer time. Need to restart, try again, maybe its working or not, then restart again and if i am lucky its then working