Show double entry in Cash receipt, Cash Disbursements, General Journal?

Any function i can print double entry in Cash receipt, Cash Disbursements, General Journal? If i need to create Custom Report, how to do that?

I would like to create 1)Account Transactions report and 2)Journal report from this New reports requests: Account Transactions, and Journal, how can i do it, because i try to create a few hours and don’t know how to do. Thank you very much.

These reports do not exist. It was just a suggestion.

Dear Jon

Then do you have any external software can do that? or any other method to transfer data become double entry?
Thank you very much.

In most places in Manager where you see a table of transactions (the kind with the View and Edit buttons in the left column), there is an Export button to the bottom-right of the table. If you click that, whatever is displayed on the screen will be exported into a tab-delimited spreadsheet. You can import that spreadsheet into Excel, for example, and do what you want with it.

Other than that, no. And there is no way to access the Journal in Manager. That is why I made the request that I did for a report.

The developer has promised to revamp the Custom Reports module, but it is at the bottom of the roadmap so there is no telling when that will happen. Once it does, however, we should be able to create whatever reports we want to and then export those.