Journal EntryTransaction Report

I do not see a report that will run the Journal Entries in numerical order, showing the debits and credits. This is a great tool for finding errors more quickly and making the necessary changes. Is there a chance that there is a report in the works for the future? Can this be done through Custom Reports?

You can use the General Ledger Transactions report, besides Journal Entries should rarely be used.

All the purchases and sales are done on a cash base system. There are no sales invoices nor purchase orders. All transactions are posted as debits/credits to the bank for simplicity.

Then you should be using the Cash Accounts tab with the Receive Money & Spend Money functions.
The bank side of the debits & credits would be done automatically without requiring user input - can’t get simpler then that.

See these four Guides:

Fantastic program!! Would sure like a report, with report title, that records all General Journal entries, in detail, in sequence. Does it exist??

Read the earlier posts in this thread. Your question was answered.