Accounting Journal

Hi, can you please advise how to print the accounting journal listing in Manager. I would mean Sales Journal, Purchasing Journal, Bank Journal, any journal entries, Payslip journal, Employee Claims journal…basically all journal.

Thank you.

Manager is a modern,computerised accounting software packages and journals that you list are hardly ever used any more or needed.

The nearest that comes to your request is the General Ledger Transactions report

Why do you need the reports you are asking about?

It is for audit request purpose, they need all the accounting journal

Hi, can we use Custom report to generate the sales journal.

Meaning one sales invoice, what accounts it debit and credit.

@sandy88 As Mr. Joe91 mentioned
but the report will give you results like the following image

But the normal journal transaction with debit /Credit (Classic Journal ) I believe as they confirmed that you can’t.

If your auditors install the Desktop Edition you can provide them the backup Manager file which allows them to view all accounting records instead of printing selected reports for them.

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