New reports requests: Account Transactions, and Journal

Here is a request for a couple of new reports:

1) Account Transactions report: Report of all transactions charged against any account (including expense, income, asset, and liability accounts) – sort of a filtered subset of the G/L Transactions report, or an extension of the Customer statement > Transactions report to non-customer accounts. For balance-sheet accounts, the report would include running balances. This new report could, for example, be used to show all Utilities expenses or all Cash in bank transactions for the year.

2) Journal report: Detailed item-by-item journal of all transactions for the year, showing the account(s) debited and credited for each entry. (The G/L Transactions report contains the same information, but it is sorted by account rather than date, and it is sometimes difficult to figure out which is the matching double-entry transaction for each entry.)

3) Sales by Customer report, as requested elsewhere: List of all sales invoices sorted and subtotaled by customer and by income account:

I also have a request for a report.

I have MOT’s carried out on customers vehicles (which need doing every year)
I need a monthly list/report from previous year, of MOT’s done so I can contact the customer to let them know their MOT is due.

I have an income account called MOT sales which I allocate to when invoicing customer. (also have an expense account called MOT cost)

In the report I would need the date of the previous years invoice/MOT, the customers name, phone number/mobile and possibly the data from the custom field from that invoice (which i use as the customer’s vehicle)

At present I use the search function in invoices tab, typing in MOT in the search bar then shows all vehicles which has had an MOT (as I type MOT in description)
I have to then scroll through to the beginning to find the relevant month from previous year. The busier I get the less time I have to do this and I don’t wish to loose business so a report would be great.

@itmoto: Why not make a Custom field in your Customer table called MOT, and check the Show column box so the field appears in your Customer list. You can cick the column heading to sort by the value and quickly see which ones are a year old. Every time you do an MOT, edit the customer’s record to reflect the new date.

Thanks @Jon a good suggestion. Some customers can have 5 vehicles so I wouldn’t know which one needed the mot. Also on my customer tab I have already added 5 custom fields 1 for each vehicle and ticked show as column so my customer tab is already overloaded with data without an extra field for MOT Date.

You gave me an idea about date sorting on invoice tab though which would make it quicker.

Another thought I had was to be able to search within a search (probably difficult to implement?) In invoice tab I could search MOT then sub search date e.g. 02/2015 then would list all invoices with MOT in description from February 2015 which I could export/print :pray::smile:

I second the implementation of this statement. I have requested it before or made a comment on this before.

There should be same for Bank and Cash where you can enter a report period with the following displayed,
party accounts
Serial #
running balance
Closing balance

This is an example, from another app am using

you can expand the report or customize it to show more columns, details and even narrations or notes

the above displayed the movement in a bank account with the period set to 1st December to 31st December but it the same when you view the movement in every account, I can also make it show running balances

I can also expand the report to show all party account in every transaction

i long to see such report

How could i have this reports from the system?

Which report? Several were discussed in the previous posts.

The one related to specific account transactions


The closest thing in Manager will be the General Ledger Transactions report. Define the period you are interested in. Then export the report, import it to a spreadsheet, and eliminate the accounts you don’t want.