General Journal Report

Is it possible to print a general journal report that shows the date and both the debit and credit side of each transaction along with the account that each was either debited or credited to?

No… The transactions are grouped by accounts and since there is no transaction ID in the report you cannot match them

Exactly what are you looking for, @KBM? Are you looking for the equivalent of an old-fashioned manual journal? That doesn’t exist in Manager, as different types of transaction entries are divided up among the various tabs. The General Ledger Transactions report concatenates the equivalent of individual account ledgers that would go hand in hand with such a daily journal.

You are right. What is missing it’s a unique transaction ID in the report. Can this be added to the ideas section?

It appears that there is a unique transaction code for each Journal Entry. And if you click View in Journal Entries for a transaction, both the debit and credit sides of the entry are shown along with the Account Number and Description. But I don’t want to print each individual page out. Other accounting software programs have the ability to print a General Journal Report. Mostly wondered if I was just not seeing the proper instruction to do so in Manager.

There is since it is a database. But it’s not indicated in the report. And without that you cannot do cross checking if you don’t have access to the software, ie an external auditor cannot do this

That’s true. But relatively few transaction in Manager are recorded via journal entries. So that approach probably does not give you what you want. But expectations based on experience with other accounting systems are often not relevant to Manager. I’ve been using Manager for 5 years now, and can honestly say I’ve never found a use for that old-fashioned journal. The different approach does take some getting used to, I will admit.

The developer has acknowledged the limitations of the General Ledger Transactions report and has promised improvements. What has been discussed most frequently is the ability to specify a single account. As for seeing a long list of entries showing debits and credits, you have ask yourself what the utility is. And then, there is generally a different way of getting the information from Manager.

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