Record cash in jornal

i want to make a journal for cash by myself is it possibly

Please clarify the accounting function to are trying to record.

Most accounting functions in Manager are best recorded using specific program functions not journal entries.

Entry for

What is your relationship to the businesses (employee, one of the shareholders, sole trader).

Why are you taking cash from the businesses (repayment from businesses expenses you paid for, dividend payment, asset repayment, sole trader private expenses)?

I am sure that the system is good for specific account , but there is some cases you need to record the journal by your self like the opening balance , capital , prepaid expenses etc.
So I am thinking it will be amazing if general journal open for all accounts.

I am the Financial Administration

Manager has specific support for each of these which does not use journal entries.

It also has a journal entry tab

cash not allowed in jornal

@ahmed_mohamed, search the Guides for the functions you want to perform. Each of those you describe is covered, with illustrations.

Dear Tut thanks for your response but there is no cash account in journal entry , even in guides nothing relate to that. I appreciate if you have link

@ahmed_mohamed, the Guides I was referring to are for starting balances, capital accounts, prepaid expenses (advances or deposits), not for transactions involving cash movement. You have already been told Manager does not use journal entries for the things you are trying to do.

Empty your cup, forget the software you were using in the past. Manager doesn’t allow cash accounts in journal entries. You can achieve whatever you want to do with the Receipt & Payment module. Read the guides.

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