Generate reports and print out under Cash Accounts or Bank Accounts

I am looking at how to generate a detail transaction report for a specific account or two. The General Ledger Transactions gives the complete overview of all the accounts and balance it, but I would like to be able to only select a certain account, i.e. Bank Account, Cash in Hand, Petty Cash, etc. for the detail transaction reports.

The reason is I have 2 personnel as per discussed in Is it possible to restrict user from viewing all the bank accounts?. The first involves in all our incoming finances. When she clicks the General Ledger Transactions, the report shows her too much of details into all our operations. I would like to have more control in this area. She is only allowed to report and print out the detail transactions of the incoming accounts under her scope of work. Likewise, my 2nd employee, who involves only with the petty cash, is to only report and print out detailed petty cash transactions.

My suggestion, under the View of the Cash Accounts or Bank Accounts,

by clicking the View, it will display a detail transaction recorded.

From this report, is it possible to add filtering From and To and a Print button to print out the report generated?

Currently, there is nothing much can be done except to click edit, receive money, spend money, and transfer money. By adding the above suggestion mentioned would make the View of each account worthwhile and with a purpose.

Thanks for listening.

Yes I have been requesting for this too, a debit and credit columns and closing balance after every transaction

The View option under Bank Accounts tab has been added just to make it easier to find a way to record transactions under particular bank account. There will be improvements but not this month.

You can get list of all transactions for particular bank account by clicking on the figure under Statement balance column.

It is possible to print Cash Account or Bank Account ?

Export the ledger, import to a spreadsheet, then manipulate or print as you wish.

If I Export the ledger & Import to a spreadsheet i can get the report without Ledger (Account) Name . But I need Printed Report with Ledger (Account) Name.


Add it to the spreadsheet.

How I add it to the spreadsheet.

This is to be done within your spreadsheet program. Nothing to do with Manager.

It is not possible to print like as Income Statement or Balance Sheet.

No, it’s not. Possibly in the future when custom reports will be more mature.