Client Server installation

I am trying to figure out how does the server edition work in the client pc. I have followed the instruction to install into the server. Then I run the software on the server via the chrome with and it works beautifully. However, over the clients, I could not figure out how to open the program using the internet browser. Any direction on this?

If there is a webserver required could someone help me out on how i could do this, i trying to install the server edition for a small company

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on client PC you should navigate to http://IP_OF_SERVER:8080

plus, if applicable, you should change firewall settings on server PC.

Thanks appreciate the help…That worked…

Could you also tell me on the host pc ,every time i close the chrome browser, and reopen manager it says site cannnot be reached. then i have to go to manager folder and run manager.exe app again and only once the cmd screen shows listening… i am able to open manager on chrome. Could you tell me how i could fix this.

are you saying that manager process is terminated when you close browser? I do not think that this is right behavior. Can you run it from cmd.exe, close browser and see if it is terminating and if so, what are last messages.