Server edition changing Server PC


The server edition is running in one pc. If the PC crashes or if we need to install in another PC, what is the procedure,


I presume as with any software running on a server, you keep backups on a separate device.

Depends on the server platform - for example, I’m running a Linux server, and keep my data folder in a manually specified directory and backup that directory to an offsite location.
When doing change management, I test the newer versions of Manager on a secondary server, with copies I obtained from my backup. Manager doesn’t care about where the data files are stored as long as it can find them with either command switches or copying to it’s default data directory.
To reinstall manager, download the latest server edition, and then copy your databases to the data directory… and done.
Easiest platform to manage.

Thanks for the reply.
Can we same Key to install in another machine.

Can we use the same product Key to install in another PC

Please do not duplicate your questions. That does not get you help any faster.


The server edition software is accesses using the link like MyIpAddress:8080

Can one more instance with different Licence key be installed in same PC?


Yes you can… however, you will need to setup different start-up parameters to have the server start on different listening ports. i.e. ip:8080 and ip:8081