Server edition on local drive

Can one use the server edition on a local shared folder? Or has it got to be NAT?

Why would you want to do that? Manager is web based so you can access the the Server Edition from the local server or any workstation on the LAN with the web URL you would have setup. Of course Manager user accounts will need to be setup for access to the business accounts. If you wish to access Manager remotely from an Internet connected system then follow the usual best practice Web Hosting and routing rules. NAT will work fine too.

Thanx for the reply,
So I just have to set up a server in our lan and run the server edition from there. Or use a nat hard drive on the lan and this will also be ok.

Correct - However I am not too sure what your interpretation of NAT is… (Network Address Translation) it refers to the way routers handle the network packet information. Manager is not too concerned about this as long as its web server can find its files and data.
I suspect you may be thinking of SAN or NAS architecture which has to do with your server’s storage / drive configuration. Follow the Manager install procedure for your operating system and you will be fine.

NAS it is! Thank you so much.

how to setup manager on seagate NAS?
is it possible? is it complicated?
rite now we are using virtual server with just 40GB and costs around usd 1700/- yearly but this NAS (4TB) is just usd 350 which i can save lot of money.

Digital Ocean is $5/mo. Where do you pay $1,700/yr?

If your NAS runs Ubuntu and you have SSH access to it, then you should be able to run Manager Server on it. Someone once told me they are running Manager on NAS but don’t remember details.

Relatively simple if you are using VMWare’s ESXi. It will allow you to add your network NAS storage to your VM’s datastore. This process will make your NAS available to your VMs as a “local datastore resource”. You will obtain better performance with fibre channel or iSCSI though, however stepping into this realm will push costs up. Once the NAS datastore is configured on your ESXi Server install Ubuntu server to the added NAS datastore and you will have your Manager Server with close to 4Tb disk space. This VM & NAS setup is really outside the scope of this forum.

Ok this is all too complicated for an end user. So I just paid for the cloud edition and everything is nice :wink:

The Cloud edition can one connect his personal domain to it or just a subdomain with

Please can someone help me explain in full or help tell me how I can host the “SERVER EDITION” I just bought.

The Cloud edition can one connect his personal domain to it or just a subdomain with

Right now, custom domain names are not supported. Mostly because custom SSL certificate would have to be obtained.

Please can someone help me explain in full or help tell me how I can host the “SERVER EDITION” I just bought.

It’s not possible to make a purchase unless you are able to install server edition properly. So this assumes you have been able to install server edition successfully. What do you need to know?

sorry custom domain like I that what you mean? If yes I can also obtain SSL certificate for my domain

The problem is that your custom SSL certificate would have to be installed on our servers (if it’s cloud edition) and we don’t do it. In future this could be possible when process can be automated.

please how I host my window server edition on web to be accessed online? I have just purchased a windows hosting server but when I wanted to tp upload that files in ServerManager folder, the file manager tool at remote says files are emty. So please how do I make this work online just like the way it’s working at or WebAccountLive | Live Accounting

Have you ever set up web server before? Because what you are really asking is how to setup a web-server so it’s accessible from the Internet.