Server installation stucks at comand prompt in windows


Manager Server ‘will never’ be installed in windows.

It just execute normally. Go to web browser and point yourself at http://localhost:8080 or you should able to see login screen.

if you close the command prompt server will be terminated.

Thanks my friend, i want to deploy this software on a lan connection with multiple users but no internet connection…
i mean can i use this where there is no internet…
please advice how to if possible



please read
since you are asking this question, it looks like you do not have the required skills to maintain a server edition. the server edition is meant for businesses with necessary IT resources and capability to troubleshoot network issues.
i would recommend you to use the cloud edition.

i would recommend you to use the cloud edition.

He wants to use this without an internet connection. I guess he will have to hire an IT person or learn how to manage a network himself

Give them a hint. As long they can learn, why not?

The community is lacking of users know how to handle a server anyways.

Because this forum is for discussion about the Manager application, not training on network operations. And asking another forum member to perform work for your business unrelated to Manager violates the rules against commercial solicitation. We already fight a constant battle, with both automated tools and manual intervention, against people trying to advertise services and products on this forum.

Manager Server is still part of the discussion. and is inevitable we do discuss about network operations due the nature of design. Ideas of Manager Server product lack priorities due to numbers of users either not using or there is very little help just to get it operate as it should be.

I do know limits when not further to entertain help for advancement especially other than manager product.

One thing @Tut is better to not to judge too early without knowing the intention and possibility of the conversation heading towards.

I get links deleted with intended to help user get start to know manager server. Quite often and there is no remedy (deemed proper for moderator) to replace the effort being put into.

What is the do’s and dont’s I’m not aware of?

Read the FAQ.

Is a grey area, there is no explicitly forbid to discuss the said post. In my opinion, Anything regarding basic and general information of setting up the manager server should not be restricted.

My other area of concern the links to guide of general information regarding networks in intend to setup manager server. Which has been deleted again and again without any notice or at least the faq did not mention any banning links outside of manager forum.

search using google search engine if you using windows operating system to host the manager server and having trouble to connect from other computers within same lan network, ‘advance firewall allow port’.

Make sure the computers are in the same network (router).

You can use this forum search engine to get more information that has been discussed. keyword ‘manager server’. ‘port’ and any keyword you can think of.

@lyncit It’s not stuck, that’s how the Manager windows server app Looks when it is running.

When you have reached that stage you just need to access your running server. Which is done by a web browser looking at the local IP address your server is running on. Which will look something like ie < server local IP address > : <Port 8080>

Just do as described above from multiple computers. Bookmark the location once you are there so it’s easy for staff to go there next time.

Note using a fixed IP address for your server and a backup system will also be required for reliable operation.

I don’t know how things could be any clearer. The forum is not a source of IT training.

Then explicitly state.
“No Network Operation regarding Manager Server will be discuss.”

Any issue regarding ‘Manager Server’ will not be ‘entertain’.

The End.

I’ve been using forum at least to get clues bits in pieces on how to solve issues in running Manager Server that are unique to different scenario and environment ever since. and here I’m volunteer to share what I know since other users reluctant to contribute regarding the Manager Server. From running in windows and now debian.

It will stays in grey area if the current FAQ only discourage the specific topic yet related to Manager Server product.

the problem is that we cannot learn everything even if we believe we do. learning is a never ending process.

apart from abiding by the rules of the forum, please understand that the answers are not to discourage any user from using the server edition. they are only to make them understand the issues they will face in the future if they do not have the necessary skills or are not willing to source the skills locally. getting a server edition to run initially does not mean you are set for the future. every network issue arising in their LAN will affect the business if the user do not have the skills to troubleshoot issues.

the guide on server edition does mention who would be comfortable to host a server edition. also, the basic details on installation is also provided for different OS. apart from these, all questions related to networking issues would be generally a part of IT training which is not the purpose of the forum. by the way any user can pm any member if they are willing to help.

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Except in this case @lyncit requirements are relatively simple when clearly listed, indicating a documentation limitation not a user skill/ intelligence issue. In addition using a local server is the best solution for his requirements.

i do not see any question to which there is not an answer in the server installation guide.
the initial question is available in the guide where it is clearly explained with screenshots how to launch Manager.
there is also explanation regarding Manager access within local network and access over internet.

So post #4 should have said
Yes, please see for details.

Imo there was no need to tell @lyncit he didn’t have the skills to follow that guide.
In addition while the guide is clear when you know it contains the relevant information, it is not that easy to find when you are new to Manager and haven’t studied all the documentation.

Btw @lyncit has requested no further clarification on this issue after post #4

I didn’t understand this.
Manager server can be run by installing Manager desktop then running the server app in the program folder.

Which is actually only slightly more complicated than installing and running Manager desktop, so most people could do it with appropriate guidance.

i did not say he didn’t have the skills to follow the guide but the skills to maintain a running server if having basic questions in mind which were asked here.
also, the guide i linked in post#4 has a note at the bottom which states the same.

i am not judging anyone here but just following the forum rules and interpreting what is already documented in the guides and various other topics.

Well I found out the dedicated manager file indicate for manager server to run it does not need to be install. True in case of linux.

The very least we have answered what is necessary based on the question by op.

I agree, I should have done by link to necessary page. Haven’t cross my mind due most my post with links get deleted. Post trauma.