Make a backup of existing business

Before you start working with Manager, it’s important for you to know how to backup your future accounting data. Backups will allow you to restore the original data after a data loss event.

As long as new accounting data is being recorded, backups will need to be performed at frequent intervals. The most common method of performing a backup of Manager is to use the Backup button in the top-right corner when working with an accounting entity.


Let’s try to backup a business named “Brilliant Industries” which we previously created.

Under Businesses tab, click on “Brilliant Industries”.

Then click on Backup button in top-right corner.

Depending on your operating system, the software will offer to save the backup file somewhere on your local disk.

The backup file will contain a datestamp in its filename to indicate when the backup was made. Once you make multiple backups, it will be easy to see when individual backup files were made.

You should store backup copies of your business or businesses separately from your computer - on an external hard disk, for example. That way, if the computer breaks down, the backup will remain intact. For maximum security, you shouldn’t keep the backup in the same location as your computer. If there is a fire or theft, both copies of the data could be lost if they are kept in the same location.

It is important to choose an appropriate backup medium too. Here are some suggestions:

  • USB memory key
  • External hard disk
  • Network-connected drive
  • Writable CDs or DVDs
  • Online backup service (e.g. Dropbox)

Trying to do backup on new USB. After I press backup tab, checking reveals the backup on the stick but cannot be opened. Ideas??

Manager data files cannot be opened directly. They can only be imported using the Add Business button in the Manager application.

The reason for this is that if you opened the file directly, you could have accounting data scattered between multiple data files.

Okay thanks , maybe that needs to be mentioned in the guide.

See Backing up and restoring businesses.

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