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I want to deploy the server edition and allow access to others via over internet.

I have tested running the server edition on Windows pc and Linux Ubuntu on Raspberry Pi. Next I want to deploy it to enable access from outside home network i.e. over internet.

In hardware I have a Raspberry Pi and spare desktop computers. Android tablets (which could run Linux server distros)
Network: I have home internet and work internet (static ip).
Hosting: I have a web-hosting service for my website (which I believe might be linux based). I recently deployed a php based application (Own Cloud) on my website server which allows me to have my own little cloud hosting service.

I wonder if I could use website hosting service (crazydomain) to host Manager Server as well?

I once tried setting up home router to allow Manager Server access to outside traffic but not completely successful yet. Will try again.

I won’t go for the Cloud version. I may not have a lot of IT knowledge and understanding, but this is a side project. Daily work runs fine on the Manager Desktop Edition.

Could someone please suggest steps to follow and/or things to watch out for? Any feedback or suggestion is welcome. Hopefully this thread will help others as well.




I have a server version that I have setup on a Digital Ocean instance. At $5 a month, I have full access to the server to do whatever I want.

This is the route I suggest you go in if you want the most flexible solution. I also have ssl encryption through letsencrypt (free and open source)

If you are interested in finding out how I got everything working, let me know.

Working through sub provider for things is a pain, and usually ends up costing more.

Anyway, I hope this is a useful response!

The raspberry pi will probably work fine. By it may be a little slow for this. If you plan on having many users, the Pi ma not cope. However, for a small number (10) it’ll be fine.


Hi procsum

I would like to know more about how you went about it as shortly I will have a need to do this and I like the emphasis on security and speed. Not sure how we contact one another directly? But keen to know more on this topic. Thank you in advance.

Click on your forum avatar in the menu bar. In the dropdown screen, select the envelope icon. You will see the personal message options.

Thanks Tut. I have done this now after your guidance. thanks as always.

Hey All, I have started on a guide to help those seeking to setup a Manager server for themselves.

I will continue to add more detail, but if you have a good idea how to handle servers and things, have a look at the Short Version.

Manager server setup wiki

@lubos, please let me know if there is anything you’d like me to reference specifically, and if your happy with the general idea.

If anyone has any comments or requests, then please do add an issue on the guthub page.

I hope this proves useful!


I think it’s great. I’m curious about LetsEncrypt as I didn’t use it yet so there is something for me to learn too.


We have basically setup the systems up like you have briefly documented. We use a https connection and have implemented a self assigned / generated certificate on the server but all the features are otherwise there. We may purchase a certificate down the track but not a pressing need at this point.

What backup strategy does Digital Ocean offer?

With LetsEncrypt you get the certificate for free. For many, the only downside is that certificate is only valid for 3 months but that’s actually a good thing since it will force you to automate the renewal process so it should be set & forget matter.

Seems worthwhile to look into LetsEncrypt further. What sort of impact will it have on the users when an updated certificate is installed. every three months? Unfortunately I am engaged over the few weeks but will implement this in a test environment once I have the time. Thank you for pointing out the solution guys.

@compiut, I will state some more facts, as lubos has, in my wiki. So that LetsEncrypt’s purpose is a little clearer:-)

The change in cert should be seamless. I have had to recreate mine a number of times and the browser has not shown and signs of noticing. However, I haven’t tested that on all browsers.

I think though that the change every 3 months will go unnoticed.

I have been using letsEncrypt for a while, maybe 6 months now? It simply works, and seems to work well too.

As for backups, I cannot give a full answer for Digital Ocean, you should ask them for that, but they do have a backup facility for $1 a month, if I remember correctly. Personally, I backup quite a lot of the files to dropbox. This can even be done with layers of encryption, but I understand that that is not the answer in many situations.

I have the Server Edition and have just paid a $5 at Digital Ocean please can you provide me with a step by step method to host my Server Edition here? Or if I should provide you my login details at Digital Ocean while you help my set it up there I will prefer also.

This forum is for questions about Manager, not general instruction on setting up web servers.

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It sounds like you are requesting help with the provisioning of a server at Digital Ocean? If so I suggest you follow their process to bring your server online. You will at some point during the Digital Ocean setup need to decide what OS you want to install (Windows / Linux) and in addition you will need to record the IP or URL provided to allow you to find your server system on the Internet once functional. I suspect for a $1 a month you will have most likely chosen to commission a Linux server (Ubuntu). If so then follow the Manager setup instructions here:- Ubuntu
All the Manager install instructions can be carried out remotely using a ssh connection. Once you are logged in remotely to your new server at your allocated IP or URL the Manager install process should follow what is in the link above. Good Luck.

No what I mean is that I have an account with Digital Ocean so I said
I will like you to help me upload and setup this “Server Edition”
files for me to enable it work remotely

See Digital Ocean Login details below:

User login: **********************
Login Password: **********************

Help me access this and see to setup this for or if there is anything
more needed
to make it work on remote server please kindly inform me.


Please do not place your login detail here. You could suffer loss and have your account compromised.
It is clear that you want help with provisioning you server at Digital Ocean. You need the server system in place before you can start thinking about installing Manager. So your first step is to create a Droplet and then choose your Linux flavour / image (Ubuntu). You will then need to decide on what performance plan to have and how much you wish to pay for it each month etc. These are all choices you need to factor in… So once again get help from your IT person or Digital Ocean or read up on the how to… or pay someone to do this for you.
The Digital Ocean portal is intuitive. See below for your first choice.

Once the Ubuntu Server / Droplet is provisioned setup Manager according to the notes in the link above by means of a ssh remote connection using the IP you have been assigned by Digital Ocean.

Please can you or any other here provide me with the contact of anyone I can hire his service for this? It’s important to me

If you are unable to get help in the next 12 hrs send your contact detail to and we will take this discussion offline.

but why not let us have the discussion now?

This is a Manager Accounting Forum - Your issue is not a Manager issue.

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