Installing Server Edition on a Linux WebHosting

Hi There ! :slight_smile:
i am wondering if i can install the Server Edition on my own web hosting , as at the moment we do not have servers at our company

Please if possible let me know how :slight_smile:
Appreciate gour prompt feedback

You can if it supports docker

How Can i Know this ?
Sorry am not a pro web dev :slight_smile:

So itโ€™s better to choose cloud edition

Basically all the web hosting that you find around doesnโ€™t fit for Manager. You need to have a virtual server. The most easy to set up is docker. But there are many other way to install it.

My recommended setup would be Ubuntu VPS. You can get virtual servers with pre-installed Ubuntu from $2.50 per month. More reliable providers (Amazon Lightsail, Vultr, DigitalOcean etc.) charge $5 per month.

Iโ€™ve updated installation guide a few days ago with instructions how to setup SSL and how to do upgrades.

If itโ€™s overwhelming, better go with cloud edition then.

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Thanks all , appreciate yor kind feedbacks :))

Hello Lubos
if i install the server edition into such an environment , ie ubuntu VPS
1.can i use my subdomain (hosted in my current website server ) to hook that server up and run ? ie accessing my manager application using my subdomain over the client internet browser?. Any known limitations here , if any please update me please
2.From the installation guides you recommend to use Caddy which will run on ports 80 and 443, is it possible to install and run successfully under such a scenario mentioned in part#1 above ? any known issues/limitations

The self hosted version of Manager server is for those proficient in all aspects of server management (and there are a lot more than once off basic server installation).

The cloud version (hosted by NG Software) is designed for those without an intricate knowledge of server management.

The questions you are asking is assumed knowledge for all network / server administrators. Which suggests you would be better served by the cloud version.

If however you wanted to develop your network or server administrator skills there are many sites on the internet to do that. An accounting forum is not one of them.

The self hosted version of Manager is designed to be used on a server. Accessible via the intranet or internet depending on the network administrator goals and configuration they choose. Manager server is fit for purpose however as with all public facing servers appropriate protection is required.