My experience setting up Server on Digital Ocean

Well I’m successfully on the web with Manager and DigitalOcean on Windows. If anyone wants a run down on what it took step-by-step please indicate interest if any. All I can say is that it was more complicated than I first thought from all instructions and emails etc. Don’t leave it for too long as I will forget what I did. Thanks

Can you send me an email at Cheers!

I’m obviously interested too.

Well here it is. I wasn’t sure whether to start with the Manager Server web pages through to the purchase page or with DigitalOcean (it turns out it doesn’t matter). I decided to follow the tutorial page Manager Cloud first.
I went to DigitalOcean at DigitalOcean – The developer cloud and not knowing what to expect from the “get started” or “sign up today and get started” links (which would probably been ok) I went to “see plans and pricing” (safer I thought). There I saw the plan I wanted from step 2 in the tutorial and felt better about signing up.
Then I entered my email and password, entered credit card information etc and followed step 2 of the tutorial to create a droplet (server). As expected from step 3 I received an email with another login and password for the the droplet itself.
Step 4 gave me pause, but I forged on to the console link and shortly a console window appeared and I tried to enter the username and password that this screen wanted. The email instructions said I had to use “ssh root@” command. I didn’t need that. I was already there. Just had to enter “root” for username and then password from email. What I didn’t know was that typing the password showed nothing being entered and I thought the connection was lost. I then followed a link to another page “How To Create Your First DigitalOcean Droplet Virtual Server” where I was told to download an executable called PuTTy an SSH client and it turns out this was complicated and unnecessary. Here I learned that I should have just entered all those characters in the password from the email (seeing none of them) and hit enter to continue with tutorial steps 4, 5 and 6. These went smoothly and I was then able to enter the IP address from the email into my browser. Voila. Then another problem. Because I used PuTTy and not the console I found out that when I exited from PuTTy, I no longer could access ManagerServer from my browser. It occured to me that probably ManagerServer was no longer running. So I went back to DigitalOcean logged on and restarted MangerServer with mono (step 7) in the console (this time typing all characters from the password without worry). I then just logged out from DigitalOcean with no more changes in the console window leaving ManagerServer running this time.
A little complicated I know but it is easy! (once you have done it!) Good luck.

You can actually close Putty window and have ManagerServer running.

One way to do it would be to add extra line to /etc/rc.local file so Manager Server launches every time automatically on boot.

I will create tutorial for this as well so you can do it too.

Big THANK YOU to esenicki !

I hope to be upgrading to the server version in the next few days. I am not sure if we will be using digital ocean, but I will certainly be looking at their tutorial.