Self-Hosted Single User

Would it be possible to have a single user self hosted version. This way it’s one database and one interface no matter which device I access from within my office.

I’d even be happy to pay on a subscription model depending on the price.

Just buy and use the self hosted server version.
It is economically priced.
Note renewal is cheaper again than the initial purchase

The self hosted is the same price as the server version is it not? That’s $480AUD. I’m not billing that much even a month yet on average.

Self-hosted and server edition are the same thing.

If you are satisfied with single user access, you can move your application data folder to a remotely accessible site and install identical versions of Manager on various devices, all calling the same data file. See the Guide:

Thanks, I have already moved it to shared storage as the easiest option. A web option would be great though. Thanks for all the suggestions.

There’s always the cloud version

As mentioned the cloud version has more features than I need and is too expensive for my needs currently.

I would like to see an in between version that is single user but self hosted web accessible.

Managers self hosted server is priced very competitively even if just used as a single user single business.
Note server renewal is heavily discounted (at least 50% the exact amount has varied). See

Starting a business is alway hard, there are significant start up costs (including purchasing an accounting system). If this is beyond your current means and your business is really that small, then surely just doing your accounting on one computer would be adequate until your business grows.

Moving the data file moved to a shared location or using remote desktop access are also alternatives until your business gets going.

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