$39/month Cloud too much for us Startups & sme's

please help us as startups and smes $39 its too much for us, we are held back from using the system. please revise the fees

Find a local accountant you might use the system and offer you a service for less

Then use the free desktop edition.

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$39 for unlimited users and unlimited companies is basically a giveaway.

If you cannot afford this you can either setup your own server and buy it for a one time fee of $390 (which is also a giveaway).

Thanks I think buying is better

Well, you cannot complain about the price when you reject the free alternative. The programs are identical, except that the desktop edition is single user.

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I realized there is a one off payment option, I didn’t see that.


The one-off payment option is for the Server version.

This presumes that you have the expertise to install, manage and operate a server based version.

A one-off payment only includes updates for the first year - after that no updates unless you pay a maintenance fee


@Joe91 can you till me please how much the annual maintenance fee.


You get a 50% discount if you renew while your old license is still in effect. The additional year is added to the end of your current year.


I am an accountant. I search for 2 years for an affordable online system, with specific user access, like edit vs no delete, and closing of periods. Manager online option, with multiple company, multiple user, was the winner. I could not find a cheaper option on the market available. On top of that, Manager online is much faster. When you update something, it happens immidiatly. Other systems take like 3 to 5 seconds sometimes. I do not understand why. The processing is also much faster, like when you do allocations to correct accounts, it take me back to the place where i was, where other systems you have to go in from the beginning. I am quite satisfied with what I got for the price.



Indeed its a gem, compared to really big software giants and ERPs manager has everything to offer with most simple and logical workflow. The updates in cloud versions are super convenient and keeps you updated all the time with more efficiency. It would be better to have the cloud version and saves you additional costs of maintaining technical staff for server edition.
When you have peace of mind in your start up you can focus on business more.


Something to consider is that you can go back and forth between fee cloud Manager and free desktop Manager. You transfer all your data by backing up from desktop and restoring to cloud, or by backing up from cloud and restoring to desktop.

Therefore, you can change whenever you want.


The best software with the most affordable price. It allows to use this software for multiple business at not extra cost. No software in the world has this option. Thank you @lubos :+1:

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