Server edition for accountants


First off I would like to thank you for a fine product (for free) and understand reasons to make it free for us small businesses (and hope with better business efficiency and growth it will justify a purchase of a paid product), Second I would like to say that of all the free and paid products I have had experiences with, Manager’s support speed and friendliness via the forum is unmatched - Awesome - I would like to vote somewhere to recognise this level of service.

Finally I would like to understand how my accountant might use Manager to host their clients accounts:

  1. Do they just pay for a standard server edition (US$199) and give access to their clients just for their company via a log in password system?
  2. Are clients able to create new business’s (as we can in the desktop edition)?
  3. Are upgrades free for a set period of time or a yearly maintenance fee?


Thanks for feedback. Now to your questions:

  1. Yes that’s right, but keep in mind server edition is quite technical product and requires good understanding of networking concepts. This is reason why we do “cloud edition”. Cloud edition is basically a server edition hosted and managed by us.
  2. Clients would be typically created as restricted users and restricted users are not allow to create new businesses. An accountant (the administrator) would add businesses for their clients and give them permissions to it. There no limits within software on how many businesses or users an accountant can add.
  3. The license includes 1 year maintenance. Renewals are at 50% of the license cost.